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Monthly Archives: May, 2016

The_Donald Circus Quote #1

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Short Handed Approach To Veterans?

Dateline: Sunnyvale, CA May 31, 2016  9:45am (PDT) In watching The_Donald’s ‘proving-that-I-donated-to-Veteran’s-groups‘ press conference in New York this morning, this correspondent witnessed something unprecedented in general election campaign politicking. He prefaced his willingness to disclose his ‘contributions’ by attacking the press!  The American free-press at that, and not necessarily the National Enquirer, Star, The Globe, …

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MAGA Bimbo Experiences Cognitive Dissonance

Dateline: Round Rock, TX May 20, 2016  8:00am (PDT) Before heading off into the sunset last eve I caught this exchange over The_Donald’s “suggestion” on trade. A colleague pointed out the strange diction, or understanding, of this particlar MAGA’s tweet. In thinking about the absurdity of The_Donald’s “suggestion” — In turn replied with “context” to …

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☆ The_Donald’s Initial Reaction To FLT 804

☆ An Egypt Air jet, flight MS-804, went down over the Mediterranean Sea this morning. However, it is tragic that this Trumpette needs to take a break from the red cherry-flavored #MAGA Kool-Aid™? @janetgorman44 @realDonaldTrump ☆ "The Only One?" FBI, TSA, ICE, U.S. law enfrcemnt etc. take "a break" from delusion & #maga Kool-Aid pls. …

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The_Donald’s Women Disorder

Dateline: New York, NY May 16, 2016  8:00pm (PDT) “…He took me into a room and opened drawers and asked me to put on a swimsuit,” so what is so wrong with that? Perhaps ‘nothing,’ yet the New York Times yesterday published: http://www.nytimes.com/2016/05/15/us/politics/donald-trump-women.html?_r=1 The_Donald had a tizzy fit over it and cited the account of …

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