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Monthly Archives: May, 2016

Beginning of the End?

Dateline: New York, NY May 13, 2016  11:30pm The week started with The_Donald telling America that it would be okay if the United States defaulted on it’s multi-trillion dollar debt, which is approaching $20-trillion and stating that he could treat it like a bankruptcy in “negotiating a better deal” to discharge it. Yeah, typical of …

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The_Donald’s War on Women

Dateline: Coronado, CA May 10, 2016  6:06pm The venerable late-Nancy Reagan had her and America’s “War on Drugs.” But contemporarily it’s interesting that The_Donald desires to continue to play the “woman card” in his campaign stumps in some pseudo “War on Women?” And of the things that he has said, in the context of women …

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Of Endorsements & Support

The Question Begs ..

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Sarah Palin: Queen of Hearts

Dateline: San Francisco (SFO) May 9, 2016  4:06pm She’s back; back on the campaign trail once again.  Why?  To unseat Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan for snubbing her boyfriend The_Donald, who neither endorsed his presumptive Republican presidential nomination, nor gave a coherent reason as to why not support to his candidacy and nomination.  The non-answer …

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Of Deals & Intentions

Dateline: San Jose, CA (SJC) May 7, 2016 5:45pm The_Donald talks big and loud about making “deals,” and has published get-rich-quick books that touch if not focus upon negotiation styles, methods and practices. However, doesn’t any sort of deal involve some sort of a contract or legal instrument to guarantee the viability of such an …

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