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Monthly Archives: June, 2016

Woke Up …

… from a nice nap by a seed & a Sir Issac Newton moment?

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The Emasculation of Trump

Cinncinati, OH – Quite the surprise today and in witness of possibly the beginning of the end for The_Donald as two women, in a tour-de-force came on-stage to emasculate him. They mercilessly ripped into him like two lioness’ eviscerating their prey to feed to their young; the throngs of supporters in attendance of this rally. …

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Been There Seen It Done It

It’s been 20 years since the premier of 1996 20th Century Fox’s production, Independence Day; now comes “Independence Day: Resurgence,” the sequel. And once again the critics and audiences alike appear to say, “Man, that sucked!” And although this correspondent has yet to experience the special effects wizardry which is certain to fill …more

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Literally Being Trump?

Dateline: @Home While hyper-clicking through the ether of the Internets universe I happened upon this one from one of my favorite sites/cable channels, vice.com. It is funny and wondering if the material and répertoire would be fitting some really neat campaign schticks. I think it goes without saying that he could make for a great …

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Some Final Thoughts On BREXIT

Dateline: @Home on a foin’ Saturday morn’ … As we do have family, friends and professional acquaintances of whom are citizens of Britannia, Ireland and Scotland I cannot help but wonder what the future holds for them.  In communications with some the feelings are mixed; some wanted to leave, and where the majority wanted to …

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