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The Russians Are Coming …The Russians Are Coming

@Home 9:30am (PDT) – Watching MSNBC’s #amjoy this morn the exchange got a wee bit testy between the host Joy Reid and Amy Kremer, one of The_Donald’s surrogates and Tea Party PAC hack. While it is clear to this correspondent that there is no conclusive proof that there was collusion between the Russians and The_Donald …

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Most Powerful Message To The_Donald

@Home 7:30m (PDT) Just finished watching Lawrence O’Donnell’s interview with the late United States Army, Capt. Humayun Khan’s parents on MSNBC’s broadcast program, The Last Word; of their appearance and speech at the Democratic Party Convention the evening before.  Words alone cannot express how moving this interview was. From the appeal to Republican leaders McConnell …

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Clinton-Kaine 2016: Stronger Together

Dateline: Sacramento, CA July 28, 2016 7:55pm (PDT) Just what was that little 5-year old girl, born in Chicago, Illinois thinking as she went to and from school?  Did she think or even believe those years ago that she could be the first woman president, or even the presidential nominee of a major political party in …

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