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Monthly Archives: July, 2016

The_Donald RNC Barn Burner

Dateline: @Home July 21, 2016 11:00pm (PDT) Watching now via C-SPAN and with just over an hour to go till The_Donald’s acceptance speech there is dancing in the aisles of the convention, with spirits among the delegates appearing quite high and optimistic. With the build-up by the campaign, as well as the media and press, …

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Breaking News: Roger Ailes Resigns

Source: tytnetwork.com @Home 1:30pm (PDT) – MSNBC is now reporting that the creator of the Fox News network has ‘resigned.’ As AM radio conservative talk demagoguery personality, Rush Limbaugh was Roger Ailes premier protégé in the 90’s, along with a cable televised show. Has “Fair & Balanced” been now righteously kicked to the curb of …

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RNC Day 3 – Post Mortem

@Home – Well. What’s done is done. Ted Cruz came and had his piece, and perhaps peace last night. Why he was allowed to speak is clear to this correspondent; The_Donald and the RNC were desperate to present some semblance of unity within the party — which only served to show how divided it presumably …

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Of Plagiarism & Trumpsterfire

This is really getting ridiculous. And of all things that could go wrong in a presidential election it couldn’t get any worst for The_Donald.  In nearly 60 hours after Melania Trump gave her speech at the Republican National Convention, the controversy still swirls over her clear, if not blatant snatching of @FLOTUS Michelle Obama’s 2008 …

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Pathologically Speaking

Finally The_Donald has “formally announced” his running mate and selection to join him as his vice-president. But it looks as though that the press picked up on a clear prevarication by him as soon as he affirmed(?) via Tweet yesterday that he had picked Indiana Gov. Mike Pence. Now if this doesn’t conclusively demonstrate how …

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