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Monthly Archives: August, 2016

Of Doctors & Getting Shot

@ Home (11:23pm PDT) — What a crazy week it has been. So much as happened that it’s really hard to keep up with twists and turns in The_Donald vs. Clinton battle of words, insults and conspiracies (specific to the former). What is more alarming is that the accusations have become even more vitriolic in …

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Trump TV Media?

Dateline: @Home (8:45am PDT) – Is all this just some sort of ‘exit-strategy’ for The_Donald? Taking on Bannon as CEO of his campaign; conferring with Roger Ailes (who is going through a sexual harassment litigation/suit[s]), and proclaiming that the entire voting system is “rigged?” Good morning, America. These factors appear to be laying the ground …

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The_Donald Campaign: Version x?

Source: YouTube.com Dateline: Irvine, CA (8:45am PDT) – Looks like The_Donald’s Sr. Campaign advisor, Paul Manafort has resigned, and was kinda hoping he’d stick around till Nov. 8th as a reminder of The_Donald’s ties to Russia & Putin. Now, with his new campaign CEO Breibart/Bannon, this latest change should accelerate the cratering of his catastrophic …

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Shake And Bake Campaign Strategy

Source: YouTube.com Dateline: Laguna Niguel, CA (8:45pm PDT) – Once again The_Donald “restructured” his campaign which is suffering miserably in the polls lately. First, he turned to a known O.C. racist and syndicated wack-job in the way of Stephen K. Bannon of Breitbart to head his campaign as CEO. Next he made history by tapping …

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Trump Surrogate Turns Into An Owl

Source: YouTube.com Dateline: Irvine, CA – This is pretty sad. Here you have one of The_Donald’s advisers looking highly pissed off and clearly agitated over a simple question regarding today’s announcement of the big shakeup in their campaign. With a contemptuous and smug look on his face Michael Cohen repeatedly snapped, “says who?” and prefaced …

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