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Monthly Archives: August, 2016

Shake And Bake Campaign Strategy

Source: YouTube.com Dateline: Laguna Niguel, CA (8:45pm PDT) – Once again The_Donald “restructured” his campaign which is suffering miserably in the polls lately. First, he turned to a known O.C. racist and syndicated wack-job in the way of Stephen K. Bannon of Breitbart to head his campaign as CEO. Next he made history by tapping …

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Trump Surrogate Turns Into An Owl

Source: YouTube.com Dateline: Irvine, CA – This is pretty sad. Here you have one of The_Donald’s advisers looking highly pissed off and clearly agitated over a simple question regarding today’s announcement of the big shakeup in their campaign. With a contemptuous and smug look on his face Michael Cohen repeatedly snapped, “says who?” and prefaced …

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This Is Just Too Much

Source: YouTube.com Dateline: Irvine, CA – It’s Tuesday, and with the days flying by fast, the Labor Day break cannot come soon enough. However, in seeing this slam by John Oliver last week and seeing it again today one (sane & rational) can only help but to laugh. As of this posting, and aside from …

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