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Monthly Archives: May, 2017

If Trump Resigns

Dateline: San Francisco, CA (10:00 pm PST) — If in the case where the investigations into The_Donald’s involvement, collusion or even conspiracy with the Russian intelligence agencies of the FSB and the SVR and he winds up resigning, or even be impeached will that make his election to the presidency invalid?  Moreover the entire administration and executive …

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Did The_Donald Give Russians Intel?

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Trump of Arabia

Dateline: San Francisco, CA (10:00 am PST) — No one can identify The_Donald with Thomas Edward Lawrence, CB, DSO, who refused knighthood from England’s King George V, however can it be said that he is doing his best to toe-the-line when it comes to U.S. Arab foreign diplomacy. It is interesting how The_Donald walks this tightrope …

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