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Monthly Archives: August, 2017

Savages On Twitter

Dateline: Santa Clara, CA (8:22 pm PDT) — Yesterday, KSFO (San Francisco, CA) AM radio personality and demagogue Michael Savage posted a tweet, all in upper-case text and in Internet social-media parlance of yelling. In following up to this tweet a protracted exchange ensued with the Tweeter My.voice‏ @Myvoice53402216 – more likely Michael Savage himself …

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Of Statues & American History

Dateline: Santa Clara, CA (1:22 pm PDT) — Former U.S. President Geo. W. Bush was once quoted in saying, “a great nation does not hide its history. It faces it’s flaws and corrects them.” In terms of removing monuments of the now defunct Confederate States of America, of which was a rebellion against the current United …

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