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Dateline: Irvine, CA (3:08 PDT) — Not much of a ‘phenom’ but a brainless “moron” for whom a #FIFY is deserved: Update: Amusing that the alt-Right neo-Nazi troll has completely lost the script… .. not "cute" .. pic.twitter.com/M9aHCQe3jr — Jor-El (@JoR3LofKrypton) December 1, 2017 .. https://t.co/iwZWrSbCmz pic.twitter.com/bQLu2wp6Sf — Jor-El (@JoR3LofKrypton) November 29, 2017 Yet, here …

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Colbert: Uranium One

Dateline: Saratoga, CA (12:01 PDT) — Hilarious take on a pathetic allegation: Yet to simplify:

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Primer: Troll Bot

Dateline: Irvine, CA (11212017 7:43 am PDT) UPDATE: What this neo-Nazi alt-Right troglodyte of a troll & bot text-gen doesn’t understand that this correspondent doesn’t give two-fucks what hits the wire. In fact, it appears the the semi-permanence of this blog entry/entries and subsequent social media threads have the concept bouncing like ping-pong balls in …

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