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Monthly Archives: November, 2017

WTF Goes On In Alabama?

Dateline: Laguna Niguel, CA (12:56 pm PDT) — .. “SHOULD stay in Alabama?” Caught this moments ago .. just what in the f’k is going on with the State of Alabama? Is there something in the water?!  It is absolutely unconscionable that anyone would try to minimize the sexual assault on a minor and to …

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Freedom …

.. Music to work out to .. ♫..May not be what you want from me Just the way it’s got to be Lose the face now I’ve got to live, I’ve got to live, I’ve got to live …♫

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Just In: Judge Roy Moore

Dateline: Laguna Niguel, CA (12:00 pm PDT) — {Update} This is absolutely disgusting. And to think that Donald J. Trump “endorsed” this P.O.S. makes this all that much more repugnant. Furthermore Trump’s friendship with known Jeffrey Epstein certainly leaps to mind.. /Breaking: MSNBC is reporting that Breitbart issued a counter narrative before the Washington Post …

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