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Monthly Archives: March, 2018

Not Just Another March In March

Dateline: Piedmont, CA (8:55 am PST) — A tumult of speeches, words and emotion throughout the world will be expressed today .. no words can nor will express the gravity in and of this moment in history. This movement organized by the surviving students of Majory Stoneman Douglas High School of Parkland, Florida is more …

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Zero Evidence

Dateline: Irvine, CA (10:30am PST) — The argument posed by Donald Trump’s hard core Trumpanzees™, Drumpfanites™, MAGA™-ots and garden variety Russian troll bots (Boneheads of Trump) of #ZeroEvidence is a weak and impotent argument in not only impugning special prosecutor Robert Mueller’s investigation into Trump’s collusion, conspiracy and cover up of the Russian intelligence interference …

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Re-cap 03-20-2018

Dateline: Irvine, CA (8:30am PST) — Re-capping posts for URL referencing .. .. with a #Whitehouse coming apart embroiled in scandal, crimes, corruption, treason, collusion ( #TrumpRussia ), coverup, conspiracy, #RussianHookers, ad infinitum .. all that #covFeFe #maga @realDonaldTrump has to redeem it's sick self with is attacking an actor on #SNL ? ! ?.. …

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Makes You Wanna Go Hmm…

Dateline: Laguna Niguel, CA (8:30am PST) — Trump will be arriving in sunny California soon .. Will the Putin-Russia’s CA delegation of Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) be there to receive & meet? ..

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5 Minute Rule

Dateline: Oakland, CA (7:03pm PST) — As much it is disliked in getting into a meme war with Donald Trump supporters it was interesting to find that such malevolence brings out both the worst, and somewhat the best/amusing in these tit-for-tat exchanges. Today was no different .. it involved, from the Jungles of #MAGA #Trumpanzees, …

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