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Monthly Archives: May, 2018

Of Unhinged Threats

Dateline: Laguna Niguel, CA (4:46 pm PST) — Over the impending story by the DailyBeast.com article by Tim Mak regarding the Ivana Trump’s allegation of ‘rape’ by Donald Trump some years ago, this leaked recording demonstrates the insane tactics #covFeFe‘s “fixer” #MichaelCohen employs in threatening the press. Threats .. weak and unadulterated, desperate virulent deranged …

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Of Blocks & MAGA Blockheads

Dateline: Laguna Niguel, CA (3:46 pm PST) — This was an interesting if not an enlightening exchange with this particular Donald Trump #Trumpanzee. In starting a few days back he knee-jerked to this Tweet: .. seriously #maga .. he was looking at a “hundred years” in prison ? ! .. now if that isn’t ‘incentive’ …

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It Doesn’t Get Any Uglier II

Dateline: Irvine, CA (7:15 am PST) — And so the #TrumpEffect continues to rage across the “fruited plain” .. And once again racism which Donald Trump has unleashed from the sewers, gutters and bilge tanks of the country continue to spill out into the streets with this latest incident out of Fremont, California: This woman …

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