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Monthly Archives: January, 2019

Tell These MAGA Idiots That America Is Not A Monarchy

Who makes this shit up to begin with? The Cult of Personality, like Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Mao Tse-Tung is no different with the Trump Crime Family & Syndicate..

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Give To Me Your Tithing

Swear to GOD these Donald Trump batshit Trumpanzees are insane..

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Covington Bishop Says He Was Bullied Into Condemning Students Over Encounter with Native American

Reference: The Truth About Resurfaced Photo of Catholic Students Wearing Black Face Paint Amid Native American Controversy

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Breaking News: Roger Stone Arrested & Indicted by Mueller Investigation

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Trump Unable To Negotiate. . .

In appearing for some “big announcement,” Trump does not mentioned the shutdown nor cite the hundreds of thousands of Federal government employees out of work and those working without pay .. this is the height of stupidity. .

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