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Monthly Archives: April, 2020

Proof: Trump Is Insane

Would have never believed it if told, but today the batshit insane Donald Trump suggests and considers injecting COVID-19 patients and victims, with get this: DISINFECTANT . . . yes, Lysol™, Clorox™, Purell™ or whatever brand he may prefer?? .. via NowThis

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Clear And Present Danger

It is nothing short of “deplorable” and disgusting how Donald Trump has inspired the crazies to harass nurses and medical professionals in their counter-protest to maintain a sane approach to the pandemic . . . it is this sort of wanton so-called calls for “liberation” from States’ & governors’ orders and to remove to shelter-in-place …

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What It Will Come Down To . . .

Will be the batshit Trump supporting crazies vs. the sane . . .

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