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Monthly Archives: May, 2020

It’s Common Knowledge™ 20200509

.. just who OUR heroes are in Sacramento, CA . .

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Moscow Mitch . . .

.. can now be address as Moscow Mitch “Putin’s Sh!t Stain Bitch” McConnell  . . . perhaps Vic can share what Trump’s Turtle is doing to the ACA ?  . . FB/NOWTHIS

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These people are deranged . . . these #COVIDIOTS are just pro-Trump re-election demonstrators . . . their message is clear: open up the country to a 2nd surge of Coronavirus infections; more infections and deaths so that #maga KAG #DonaldTrump #TheDonald @realDonaldTrump can go beyond a “national emergency” declaration and to invoke MARTIAL LAW …

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