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Monthly Archives: January, 2021

On The Threshold Of Greatness

In three days, America will have a new President, Joseph Biden. In three days citizens of the country will wait with bated breath for come what may. Eleven days prior a threat to this democratic republic reared its hideous head and led by an insane leader of a political cult. Eleven days ago the country …

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Fortress Washington, D.C.

Just got a glimpse from cable news network CNN of the upcoming Inauguration map in the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. In the wake of the terrorist attack by Trump supporters last January 6th the measures to have a peaceful transfer of power in the U.S. goverment appears to be …

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Magic Number 17

Seventeen is indeed an odd number, however it is the number of Senate Republicans needed to not only convict and impeached Donald Trump from ever having to work in Federal government ever again . . . not even as a dishwasher in the Whitehouse, but to save their party from total ruin and an exodus …

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