So .. McCarthy Is Now House Speaker

3rd District Mike Rogers (R-Alabama) ready to fist fight MAGA moron 1st District Matt Gaetz (R-Florida) because they’re both stupid Rethuglicunts

Dateline: January 7, 2023

So. Kevin McCarthy is now the GQP’s House majority speaker .. He just may go down by a single vote if he does not kiss the cuckservative crazy Freedom caucus’ ass or pisses off that big fat orange criminal demagogue Drumpf in Mar-a-Lardo .. The fights in the House will not be so much contentious with the Dems .. but with THEMSELVES!

As far as “fights” .. it looks as though Rethuglicunt Rogers scared the living shit out of that chicken shit Gaetz to change his vote .. after an unpleasant & unprecedented in recent U.S. political history FIFTEEN votes to get McCarthy across the finish line .. And it’s to laugh ..

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