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Our Day Will Come …

Dateline: Palo Alto, CA (9:47 am PDT) — Coffee this morning with colleagues .. while discussing & exchanging our personal family matters, then on to world affairs and domestic politics this came wafting through .. Nostalgic as that moment was, the surreal message was true .. Advertisements

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Dateline: Barstow, CA (7:47 am PDT) — Well, it’s National Pizza Month & the official celebration of a wonderful dish, revered, enjoyed and possibly worshiped by many. Having known many pizzerias, along with relatives who have & have had owned them it is a wonderful, and tasty tribute. According to historians, pizza goes back to …

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Calm Before The Storm

☆ Just In ☆ Given the major developments in the last 72 hours will Trump fire Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller, thus invoking a ‘constitutional crisis’ resulting in impeachment proceedings?

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Just What Is The Conspiracy?

Dateline: Irvine, CA (10:00 pm PDT) — Leave it to Fox News to come up with some real asinine Twitter posts & articles; of late regarding the horrendous shooting and murders in Las Vegas last Sunday night. What is now occurring is a slough of kooky conspiracy theorizing coming from the #FakeNews pro-Trump news outlets. …

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Dateline: Irvine, CA (6:45 am PDT) — Yesterday NBC news posted an article titled: “Tillerson’s Fury at Trump Required an Intervention From Pence” and within it cited Secretary of State Tillerson calling, or referring to Donald J. Trump as a “moron.” Much has already been said about this account which occurred at the Whitehouse back …

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