George Floyd’s Murderer Trial

In watching the 2nd day of the trial of #DerekChauvin who is on trial for the indicted murder of Minneapolis' George Floyd it appears that the his defense team are a bunch of feckless incompetents who wound up "opening the door" for the prosecution twice in re-direct question and testimony. Source: NYT In this the... Continue Reading →

Phony Grievance – MoJo

A comprehensive take an op-ed by Mother Jones' David Corn in and of the current state of those who hold such an argument .. or 'grievance' .. it is sickening to know, for a fact that this has permeated and has been within the social, economic and political fabric of the nation and where the... Continue Reading →

Asian & Women’s Lives Matter

It is certainly a sad and tragic testament of the times that we are living in now - from Black Lives Matter to now the lives of Asians in the country now targeted by those who fall into a category of hate and division ... a narrative that was defecated out of the mouth of... Continue Reading →

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