Cancel Culture 101

Have read and seen on the Internets® and in the media this term 'cancel culture' bandied about and tossed around like a #MAGA slogan call-to-arms . . . What leaps to mind is just what 'culture' and whose 'culture?' . . . In what context is just being 'cancelled' and what are the serious ramifications... Continue Reading →

Trump Website Dump

It did not last a month . . a pet store website and a dating site BEAT Donald J. Trump's BLOG and so-called "desk" on the Internets® in hits and content visits . . . It's to laugh . . . Select Image SOURCE Almost a month after it was first announced, former President Donald Trump has... Continue Reading →

The Russians Are Coming!

. . . no, they are here, and as recent as the 2016 U.S. General and Presidential election. And no, it is NOT "a hoax." The recent spate of Russian organized crime/wave of cyber attacks against U.S. businesses are just another chapter in the Russian/Putin government out to destabilize the United States of America …... Continue Reading →

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