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Inauguration Day 2021

America is not only celebrating a new President and Vice President but exhibiting its strength of her democracy. It’s now acknowledging what challenges need to be faced; the work to be done and the healing that must be attended to with the utmost and unified urgency. It’s a country entering a new era of the …

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Update: 1/20 at 0817 hrs. the chopper taking Trump to JAB Andrews has lifted off.. Update: 1/20 at 0855 hrs. Trump has boarded AF1 for FL .. but not before lying his ass off about the wreck he has left the country in & running away from D.C. & inauguration like criminal butt hurt loser.. …

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Why Did Joe Biden Run For President?

It is Inauguration Day and this correspondent was asked this question from the youngest of kin. At 12:00 noon today President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris will be sworn and inaugurated as the new leaders of a country that is on the brink of collapse after four years of Donald Trump’s feckless, irresponsible …

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