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Dq-EZIHUcAAkg5ODateline: Santa Clara, CA (5:45 am PST) — With just over 72-hours till the 2018 mid-term elections it appears that Trump has kicked up the level of crazy and in obvious trepidation over the out come of this historic decision of and by Americans throughout the nation.

Trump has resorted to reprehensible lies and inflammatory rhetoric which will go down in history as one that is not only insane, but of a deranged politician who has long gone off the rails and possibly considering bankrupting (bailing out) of his Federal employment and of which was part and parcel and installment of a job crafted by an adversarial foreign government.

Time is running out and IF the Democrats take the majority in the House of Representatives, can Trump survive one commission and or committees investigating the dozens of crimes he is alleged to have committed, and or in the process of?

There are accounts from the Department of Justice that a subpoena has already been issued to an “un-indicted co-conspirator” and there are accounts from the Whitehouse that the WH legal counsel has been of late vigorously been fighting to either defer, or even quash the order from the Special Counsel investigating the Russian attack on the 2016 election.

Now whose name is on that subpoena?

Kung Fu: Caine vs Jerk

It’s back to the 70’s Friday! …

Kung Fu: Caine vs Jerk 

Hannibal Rising (2007)

.. Just saw this prequel to the Silence of the Lambs franchise for the first time .. an intriguing account of how Hannibal Lecter came to be the fictional monster he came to be .. a pleasant addition to this mostly unknown cast was Chinese cinema’s Gong-Li whose character gave the story a touching yet horrific twist .. for the rating averaged comes undeserved, it could have been a bit higher given the performance of the roles..

Coffee Anyone?

1280 Low Energy Trump

Dateline: Cote d’Azur – .FR‎ (10:52 pm LOCAL) — In observation of Donald Trump’s recent presser with the mentally challenged and obviously delusional Kanye West the demeanor of #CovFeFe appeared .. how to say? .. Lethargic .. possibly fatigue from the many circle jerk self aggrandizing rallies, of which are obviously in a futile effort to stave off the imminent #BlueWave that may sweep the Republicans out of the House of Representatives, and possibly the Senate — thus protection from the endless and possible indictments (of his crime syndicate & family), prosecution and even the pipe dream of impeachment.

Yet, are we seeing a criminal becoming resigned to a fate far worst than the most famous disgraced Republican and conservative Richard M. Nixon? Is a jet on standby to fly him off to political asylum, and refuge in eastern Europe?  We will see how much of a draft dodging coward he is ..

The questions are innumerable as to what will happen next but perhaps Trump may need a neat & nice shot or two of espresso before he opens his uncontrollable yap in public ..

Just For Today

Ever get that feeling when all the fun is over that it’s back to the real world, work and all that is routine?