What If . . .

Donald J. Trump's led domestic terrorist attack on the U.S Capitol on #Jan6 was successful? A disturbing consideration and when on January 6, 2021 Donald J. Trump incited, provoked and in speech and encouragement sent his MAGA supporters to the U.S. Capitol to conduct and insurrection. And to stop the final electoral vote count and... Continue Reading →

Animal Cruelty – Aussie Style

Vice.com publicated this story: Man Who ‘Punched Horse’ .. Faces Animal Cruelty Charge Source: Getty Images Insanely, all this in protest over NOT wanting to wear a mask in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic in Australia - And it is this sort of deranged and depraved behavior that endangers not only animals, but humanity... Continue Reading →

Socialism 101

In the current American political lexicon the term "socialist" has been used in a disparaging manner as to invoke resentment and anger against one political party against another or others for many years, if not decades. Contemporarily the term and philosophy itself is muddled in controversy over its true and root meaning. Image Source: National... Continue Reading →

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