Trump’s Fox News Is Insane

Just caught Bill Maher's ditty over the conservative #GQP #RepubliQan party QAnon, Pout Boys, Oath Fakers … fascist neo-Nazi racist white privilege "cancel culture" insanity . . . and this thing over "hamberders" is taking "crazy" to a whole new level and definition . . . Select Image It's disgustingly repugnant how they are trying... Continue Reading →

Capitol Kill (A Day of Infamy)

Not making the rounds on Fox News, OANN, Newsmax and others, they are still hard in trying to forget, or even deflect the United States of America's second "Day of Infamy" . . . Select Image In an op-ed conservative Republican Charlie Sykes might have it wrong; "The Tea Party" IS QAnon, Pout Boys, Oath... Continue Reading →

Crypto Currency 101

Caught this monologue and opinion by presumably, and in some corners the most hated man on cable . . . and he makes cents . . . err . . . dollars (lots of it) . . . SENSE! Select Image "What you hope is that somebody else come along and pays you more money... Continue Reading →

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