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Trump Is A Racist Bonehead

He is a “racist” and a “bonehead” .. reprehensible characteristics which he “enjoys” and “relishes” & propagating unsubstantiated lies from the right wing fake news media .. notably & especially after the U.S. House of Representatives voted to condemn & censure him for his racist tweets & remarks which he tried to walk back; only to re-walk back to underscore just how much of a racist he is.

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These Are 4 Duly Elected Congresswomen

It is ironic how Rush Limbaugh, and Ben Shapiro are pandering a fake narrative that any opposition to Donald Trump, and in the way of “The Squad” is endangering “white women.” The duplicitous propaganda being defecated by Limbaugh and Shapiro is not only duplicitous, but reprehensible and par for the course of & for knuckle dragging #MAGA cretins such .. as they are.

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Pete Buttigieg hires former Goldman Sachs executive as national policy director


.. To eventually replace former Goldman-Sachs reptile & current Treasury Secretary and Donald Trump colluder and co-conspirator Mnuchin? ..

The Trump Awards

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Ticket purchase reservations to this glorious event will be on a  first-come first-served basis.

Trump Asked McGahn…

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Mueller Report, Volume II
Reference: Politico: Mueller Report Summary