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Our Day Will Come …

Dateline: Palo Alto, CA (9:47 am PDT) — Coffee this morning with colleagues .. while discussing & exchanging our personal family matters, then on to world affairs and domestic politics this came wafting through .. Nostalgic as that moment was, the surreal message was true ..



Dateline: Barstow, CA (7:47 am PDT) — Well, it’s National Pizza Month & the official celebration of a wonderful dish, revered, enjoyed and possibly worshiped by many. Having known many pizzerias, along with relatives who have & have had owned them it is a wonderful, and tasty tribute.

According to historians, pizza goes back to the 8th century A.D. in Italy, and like Chinese restaurants there probably isn’t a city in America that has at least one. Yet, today it’s still a favorite epicurean delight enjoyed all over the world & in countless variants & tastes .. some quite hideously:


Once upon a time there was a pizza eating contest in at an academic institution at a college long ago, and far, far away. And so there it was, dozens of dozens of pizzas (cheese) with pitchers of carbonated soda lined up for the contestants – long story short – the winner was an engineering major (whose name escapes at the moment) who poured the soda over all the slices before consuming and thereby winning with the most slurped down. Happy to report & recall .. he lived.

Even on Twitter and in the context of politics “pizza” can raise controversy:

At any rate, pizza is just pizza .. Happy Pizza Month !

Calm Before The Storm

☆ Just In ☆ Given the major developments in the last 72 hours will Trump fire Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller, thus invoking a ‘constitutional crisis’ resulting in impeachment proceedings?

Just What Is The Conspiracy?

Dateline: Irvine, CA (10:00 pm PDT) — Leave it to Fox News to come up with some real asinine Twitter posts & articles; of late regarding the horrendous shooting and murders in Las Vegas last Sunday night. What is now occurring is a slough of kooky conspiracy theorizing coming from the #FakeNews pro-Trump news outlets. This particular thread of exchange was interesting to say the least …

… thus nothing was gleaned, but a probability ..



Dateline: Irvine, CA (6:45 am PDT) — Yesterday NBC news posted an article titled: “Tillerson’s Fury at Trump Required an Intervention From Pence” and within it cited Secretary of State Tillerson calling, or referring to Donald J. Trump as a “moron.”


Much has already been said about this account which occurred at the Whitehouse back in July, however what hasn’t been overtly stated is that Tillerson also employed an expletive to underscore the ferocity of his feelings for Trump in that the precise harangue was that he was a “fucking moron” …” to that effect.  And with Trump’s desire to have sex with married women, perhaps the Secretary of State wasn’t too far of the mark in that characterization.

Albeit, Colbert put it like very few can encapsulate …