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To Indict Or Not To Indict


Dateline: Santa Clara, CA (2:05 pm PST) — Watching from the TweetDeck™ earlier today ..came across this interesting tweet from CNN:

Then in recalling reading something earlier thought to reply to former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s, “I do not believe for a moment that President Trump will remove Mueller,” quote with this reply which immediately leapt that to mind: “.. as it is already too late ..”

Too late” being that the U.S. Department of Justice special prosecutor, Robert Mueller’s investigation into the Russian interference/scandal in the 2016 election has come this far with little to no known evidence to support the allegation that there was “no collusion” (with the Russians by Donald Trump).  However, given the months and nearly a year since the beginning of this investigation much has occurred in the way of indictments, guilty pleas and cooperation of those who have since plead guilty with the investigation.

No one really knows for sure what will happen; if and or when Mueller will submit his report , and or if there will be additional indictment(s).  However, one thing is certain and that is Mueller is keeping a tight lid on the investigation, leaving a myriad of theories and speculation as to what will be the final outcome.

Just as  germane to the investigation is the speculation that Donald Trump is considering and may fire U.S. Deputy Attorney General, Rod Rosenstein, who ordered the special counsel last year, in order to replace him with another deputy AG who could either hinder, or obstruct the investigation,or even end it with the firing of special prosecutor Mueller. Another recent development was that current and recused from the investigation, Attorney General, Jeff Sessions had recently stated that he would consider resigning if Trump did order Rosenstein’s firing, thus establishing the likelihood of a constitutional crisis, and possible congressional impeachment proceedings against Trump – in the propriety and exhibition in the obstruction of justice. And where at this time there appears to be no justification in the removal of Mueller.

To re-iterate, Mueller has kept this investigation close to the vest and no one can really predict what will come next, as of this writ. However, the referral of Trump’s attorney, Michael Cohen’s investigation to the federal U.S. Southern District court of New York (AO-SDNY) is an indication that the initial mandate given to Mueller continues to be far-reaching, vast and expanding, and not appearing to be winding down; where the new addition to the Trump apparently beleaguered legal team former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani,and bigly Trumpster is confident that he can finish and wrap up the investigation, ‘in a couple of weeks.’

Taken all into account it is clear that where ever this investigation goes, and what crawls out from under the rocks of possible conspiracy, cover up and collusion, and high crimes and misdemeanors, one thing can be certain, given the climate of possible obstruction of justice, Mueller the consummate law enforcement professional, is prepared and can be relied upon to protect the vast evidence already found – as others believe otherwise, but in the absolute exoneration of Donald J. Trump.

Lock Him Up! Lock Him Up!


Dateline: Santa Ana, CA (10:45 am PST) — News from last night came with acceptance that an effort against an unhinged Alex Jones has been filed in court. Yes, there is a Constitutional right to the freedom of speech .. but it is this kind of speech that has no social nor sane value.  Where the value is only to promote violence and disinformation regarding a horrific event, and of which Jones has profited from.

Here is wishing the best of the best outcome and rulings to the Sandy Hook families and efforts in trying to stop this depraved sort of insane demagoguery.

Category Five Trump Storm

Dateline: Santa Clara, CA (9:05 am PST) — After it was publicly known that Fox News’ Sean Hannity was Trump attorney Michael Cohen’s 3rd and secretive client, the ‘hits just keep on coming’ for Donald Trump.

The stormy, Stormy Daniels scandal just seems to grow in intensity that it appears to be up-rooting the foundations of not only political discourse but that of “law and order.”

To this point, when the dust settles and the removal of Donald Trump from the Whitehouse is complete will the subsequent books and movies produced change Americana and history altogether .. / developing / update / #BreakingNews

Russian Trolls Everywhere !


Dateline: Santa Clara, CA (5:45 pm PST) — They do exist ..

Of Trump, War & Syria

Dateline: Irvine, CA (7:00 pm PST) Donald Trump has ordered a military strike in Syria along with the British and French against the Assad regime chemical production sites and targets.

Although this was not “unilateral” strike the timing and the tweeted and broadcast warnings by Trump appear dubious given the breaking news earlier in the day regarding the criminal investigations against him and his attorney Michael Cohen.

(7:15 pm PST) — Pentagon briefing now in progress; informed that strike operations have concluded; Secretary of Defense Mattis cites Article II of the Constitution as a rationale and that this was “vital to American interests.” Further, a “de-confliction” strategy was employed..

(7:45 pm PST) — On Fox News a retired U.S. Army Colonel with Laura Ingraham and Sebastian Gorka are debating then going at it what the Framers of the country envisioned over war;

On CNN three retired U.S. Army and U.S. Air Force Generals; on MSNBC defense and intelligence analysts including Malcolm Nance offering observation and speculation in post-strike analysis ..

(8:05 pm PST) — The consensus at this time is that nothing conclusive as any “losses” were incurred nor how many missiles were fired of which were reported to be Tomahawk missiles along with possible allied ordnance and missiles as well .. the strikes were centered around the city of Homs and outside of Damascus targeting suspected storage and chemical production sites


This is a fluid and developing situation and any subsequent entries to the post will be strictly for historical and archival intentions ..