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On The Threshold Of Greatness

In three days, America will have a new President, Joseph Biden. In three days citizens of the country will wait with bated breath for come what may. Eleven days prior a threat to this democratic republic reared its hideous head and led by an insane leader of a political cult. Eleven days ago the country was on the brink upheaval in the most atrocious form ever imagined.

Now that the threat has been identified it is incumbent among all true-citizens to reject the evil that is now threatening our way of life. For years, since the American Civil War and World War II like-minded and moral ideals have conquered and survived the disease that sought to rule the country and inevitably out to destroy it, if not subsequently the world. And as citizens of the world, friend and foe alike now look upon America in its time of political upheaval to see witness a struggle for justice and freedom for all.

Every one of the terrorist who stormed the U.S. capitol cannot win; they will not win because their leader and leader of their cult, Donald J. Trump is weak minded and at traitor to all, including them. They price they will pay is for law and order, and justice to dictate. Their defense in what they feel was right in what they did will shall be exhibited in the most serious and expeditious means possible.

These traitors will now rue the moment, and the day they followed Trump and into their just punishment in incarceration. They will come to understand that their movement was not strong at all, and only because their leader, Donald Trump was weak-minded and mentally underdeveloped to even exhibit human qualities such as compassion, empathy and understanding. These traitors consisting of the so-called “poorly educated” whom Trump expressed his love for and for whom he called “patriots” are no longer of any use to him as he himself is released into his unknown .. but perhaps, he does know and why he preemptively went after Biden in the Ukraine .. for which he was impeached for the first time.

Trump no longer has any cards to play .. as he is now out of trump cards (*pun intended), not to mention entities in the far lunatic fringe radical right did not appreciate accept his call for “calm” and now demanding his “execution.” They are now disillusioned and confused as to what and to who they should follow. But all that is left is their ignorance and hatred that Trump exploited; their money and their souls for which he purchased in exchange for a jingoistic slogan: to “Make America Great Again.” Ironically in a twist of fate or even karma and because of Trump, after he leaves to his ultimate fate .. America under a new leader and leadership will become great once again.

Fortress Washington, D.C.

Just got a glimpse from cable news network CNN of the upcoming Inauguration map in the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris.

In the wake of the terrorist attack by Trump supporters last January 6th the measures to have a peaceful transfer of power in the U.S. goverment appears to be well on its way.

Trump on the other hand plans to leave Washington via Andrews AFB with a color guard, red carpet & a 21-gun salute .. as a disgraced out going #POTUS @Potus who has now been impeached by a bi-partisan vote in the U.S. House of Representatives for a second time.

The mock departure of Trump is but a footnote to a failed .. and criminal enterprise that was installed in Federal government based on lies & deceit.

Good riddance.

Magic Number 17

Seventeen is indeed an odd number, however it is the number of Senate Republicans needed to not only convict and impeached Donald Trump from ever having to work in Federal government ever again . . . not even as a dishwasher in the Whitehouse, but to save their party from total ruin and an exodus of defections.

But seriously what are the real chances of seventeen Senate Republicans ‘sprouting a pair’ and actually voting to convict as a matter of moral principle, not to mention “law and order?’ Wasn’t the last four years enough for them in having lost not only the executive branch of government AND both chambers of Congress? .. The countless and mounting unnecessary deaths from the rise of a pandemic that Trump lied about and ignored throughout the past year? The incompetence and fecklessness in the roll-out of the vaccine that was called “Warp Speed” which as of this writ has been an unmitigated confluence of confusion and cranial-rectal inverted inefficiency?

No. It could be presumed that Trump could go out on New York’s 5th avenue and shoot his son-in-law Jared Kushner and still the Republicans would vote not to convict by 2/3rds vote. But then do they really want to have an batshit insane MAGA maggot in the way of Trump hindering the reconstruction of a party that was once Ronald Reagan’s, or even George H. W. Bush’s fantasy of a “Shining City On A Hill?” Probably. Yet, it’s common knowledge that they don’t have the will, nor able to “sprout a pair” against a proven moron and one who just tried to take over by force the country, based on a lie that the last election was “a fraud,” even after dozens upon dozens of tossed lawsuits and a U.S. Supreme Court ruling regarding the Texas vote count and electorate.

Much if not enough has been said of Trump’s motivations and role in the terrorist attack on the nation’s capitol, including the atrocities he has committed over the past four years which have resulted in a GOP/Republican party standing naked and defeated, before an “Emperor” who ‘has no clothes.’ But what will it take to reach seventeen [sic] conservative Republicans and to convince them that their party is no longer theirs, but to have the opportunity to spare them from a complete burial of it with Trump in the future?

So many questions but with so little answers as to what the GOP can possibly do to redeem itself, other that to “stick their heads between their legs and kiss their asses good bye.” For not to convict Trump may and could give oxygen to a fascist movement that to this point has been knocked down . . . but not out, and how a so-called “Tea Party” movement has raised its disgusting head and mutated into the “Trumplican Party” .. and it is this aspect of the 2007 general election that destroyed John McCain’s hopes of becoming president and temporarily sent the crazies of what was left of the Republican party into the ‘Howling Political Wilderness’ as President Barack Obama gave ‘hope‘ to a country in desperate need of redemption and repair.

Trump for the most part is the political narcotic, like meth now running and flowing freely through the veins of an addicted political party – irrational, unpredictable, unhinged and violent .. it’s time for re-hab .. and perhaps it’s gonna take “17” for that intervention in any ‘hope’ of salvation .. or even a “speedy recovery.”