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Dateline – 10/23/2019

On Monday, October 21st Nancy Pelosi and the Congressional investigation into Donald Trump’s crimes in the Ukraine scandal and impeachment inquiry took a new twist; they released a 4 page document outlining what may be contained in the Articles of Impeachment, upon vote, and of which will be sent to the Senate for further deliberations and vote to either convict, or exonerate.

the shakedown pelosiAs of this writ the current and former government officials are continuing to appear before Congress; via subpoena or voluntarily. In the meantime the Republicans in Congress and Trump’s supporters, both in public and on the ‘Internets’ continue to malign in an attempt to discredit the inquiry.

Watergate, President Clinton’s impeachment (for which he was not impeached) and Iran-Contra that saw many of President Reagan’s cabinet members and officals, including former-Lt. Col. Oliver North, go to prison.

This is a watershed and epic moment in American political history, and when it is all said and done, it will take a considerable amount of time to wash the stain that this criminal adminstration has and will leave.

Impeachment Inquiry

October 20, 2019 – Dateline: 38.878601, -77.069411

This now needs to move on to a vote (once ALL of the witness testimonies and subpoenas are complete)

Impeachment Inquiry

So It Begins: Beginning of the End

Dateline: September 24, 2019

Today marks the beginning and the possible end of Donald J. Trump’s employment in Federal government, with the formal announcement by House of Representatives Speaker, Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) .. It is to this point that it is uncertain what may happen over the Inspector General/DNI withholding of the #WhistleBlower’s allegation and report regarding Trump’s alleged extortion of the Ukraine president to benefit his re-election campaign.

It is this moment in U.S. history that shows that the United States can fight against criminals and tyrants .. even when it comes from within.

It Doesn’t Get Crazier Than This

Dateline: 9/24/2019

It’s not too difficult to determine what is going on here. Donald Trump is coming unglued .. and his Consigliere-in-Crime went batshit-off-the-rails of the Trump Train last week ..

.. Trump should be worried .. it is this deranged criminal behavior, by his attorney no less that will push impeachment forward .. the sooner the better..