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Re-cap 03-20-2018

Dateline: Irvine, CA (8:30am PST) — Re-capping posts for URL referencing ..









Makes You Wanna Go Hmm…


Dateline: Laguna Niguel, CA (8:30am PST) — Trump will be arriving in sunny California soon .. Will the Putin-Russia’s CA delegation of Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) be there to receive & meet? ..


5 Minute Rule


Dateline: Oakland, CA (7:03pm PST) — As much it is disliked in getting into a meme war with Donald Trump supporters it was interesting to find that such malevolence brings out both the worst, and somewhat the best/amusing in these tit-for-tat exchanges. Today was no different .. it involved, from the Jungles of #MAGA #Trumpanzees, this exchange:

The impression within five minutes of posting came as somewhat of a surprise; it brought a laugh & realization to the network involved. However, conceivably not to the Tweeter targeted to digest. But to think that this post caused such a muliti split-thread meme kneejerk makes it all that more telling …

Must’ve been the #BlueWave2018 hash tag ..

Of Porno & Arbitration

melania-and-stormy copy.png
Dateline: Emeryville, CA (8:30am PST) — As much as Donald Trump presumably would want desperately to have this matter to go away, it simply won’t. And while it isn’t the most important matter confronting the country, like say school shootings, criminal intent in DoJ special prosecutor Robert #Mueller‘s investigation into the #TrumpRussia, the economy & an impending trade war, the rise of racist domestic terrorism, etc. the story just seems to seep into the dialogue, narratives and almost daily of late into the news cycle .. with exception to the Republican-Trump propaganda machine of the Fox News cable (sic) news network.

What now thrusts the matter and lawsuit of porno star #StormyDaniels against Trump was Whitehouse press secretary Sarah Huckabee-Sanders’ brain dead slip of the tongue suggesting that Trump did indeed have knowledge of the $130,000.00 hush money payout by Trump attorney Cohen:

The gravity of this admission begs to question as to many matters from campaign finance laws to what other cover-ups that Trump has hiding “under the sheets.” Moreover, what of the lawsuits that Trump proclaimed he would seek against the 19 women who came forward to claim sexual assault and abuse against them? Why is there not one as of yet to be filed?

So many questions, with so little answers; who else has Trump ‘paid off’ over possibly civil or criminal matters and in using a Delaware LLC and pseudonyms and fake aliases? It has become abundantly clear that Trump is in a ‘world-of-turd‘ as this and other matters are now percolating in his ‘swamp’ of lies, deceit and criminal activity.

Nevertheless in the court of public opinion who is to judge this miscreant with a penchant for sexual assault, Russian prostitutes, golden showers and female porno stars?

No one, but a woman whom Trump fears most (no, not Melania Trump or his accusers of sexual assault), Lady Justice with her lethal weapons of “Law & Order” ..

To reiterate, this matter pales in comparison to all the others, but tragically a made-for-TV reality game show & expanding peek into the deranged, depraved and degenerate mind of a Donald J. Trump who thinks (or even believes) he is the President, and when in fact has become in effect a de-facto holder of a public office whose time will come, sooner or later .. preferably, sooner.

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“No means, NO!”

Dateline: Irvine, CA (4:33pm PDT) On this day, and month in and of “Celebration of Women Everywhere,” another woman has come out over Donald Trump’s depraved indifference and sexual perversion towards women ..

According to Wikipedia:
It appears there is a pattern of criminal intent and that the pursuit of justice, and where “Law & Order” is concerned, must be meted ..