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Seems Like Months Since

Dateline: Saratoga, CA (1:40 pm PST) — With all that has happened this past week it is hard to imagine that the joint missile strike in Syria just weeks ago has somewhat faded into memory, and of how it has only inflamed and has destabilized the Middle East even further..

The ceremony, and violence in and of the moving of the U.S. embassy, by decree of Donald Trump only serves to heighten the tensions in the region. And it is here that this failure in and of U.S. foreign policy is clearly demonstrated.

It comes with little surprise that what is happening there is but one sad and pathetic sub-chapter in American history now unfolding for historians and academics alike to try to understand, or to even come to grips with. Even now the national security of the country is imperiled by Trump’s desire to undermine if not destroy it..

The days and weeks are going by so fast now, and as this one draws to an end and another begins, America once again will be enthralled.. and what it may hold is anyone’s guess as to the severity and further damage may be caused to the country .. because of one person’s stupidity and un-fitness.

What Is Your Problem?

Dateline: Saratoga, CA (9:40 pm PST) — The gun debate is not all that difficult to comprehend and the first step in addressing the “problem” is defining just where the problem is. Some say it is with the gun lobby; some the say it’s the laws, and where others would like nothing more than to do away with them altogether. Guns (in generally speaking), for as long as they have existed in cultures and civilization, are not necessarily the problem. What is the problem is what it can physiologically & contemporarily psychologically do to people – in the context of America.

No other country in the world has the highest rate of deaths from guns than the United States, whose ‘culture’ of the gun is imbued and ingrained in just about every segment of its fiber. From gangs, to the police .. to sport and to personal protection the gun is an instrument, a tool and in other cases playthings that a segment of the society tend to regard them as. In other aspects, a crutch or even a pacifier in one sense or another.

However, and in the last year the identification of guns have taken a turn for the worst in that it is taking the lives of this nation’s promise of youth, and in an institution once held sacred .. education. Today’s school shooting in Texas which has been a pandemic in the country, is just another example of how a society appears to be destroying itself over an inanimate object that for generations has been held with reverence and respect – and where discipline in the use of it has eroded into wanton violence and mass murder.

Laws alone will not stop the more often than not senseless deaths of children or those victims of such crimes .. nor will arming an entire citzenry will save itself from the continued and endless violence that guns offer and of which threatens the very “life, liberty and pursuit of happiness” that America offers.

Other countries whose own “problem” with guns is minute, or for the most part non-existent compared to what the United States is having to struggle with, on a scale which is now occuring. Yet, what appears to be a common denominator in those countries is that there isn’t a political lobby, and an industry which is not only hesitant but opposed to rules that -they- see as a threat to their very existence.

And therein may be just where the “problem” exists .. the campaigns to provide unfettered availability, driven by profit and greed, based on a perception of a Constitutional right which was crafted hundreds of years ago when the country was still young. And where the threat from a monarchy relied on such guns to maintain the ideals of a Republic created and coming into formation.

The ideals of a country change – priorities change. But the demand for guns will not. And it is here where a sane and sober debate over how the availability of them must be taken into serious consideration. All sides .. not just two sides .. all people .. not just one political lobby and industry, must craft new ideals and policies for a ‘change,’ that in hope will mitigate the “problem” if not remove it altogether. But for as long as politics controls the debate will more Sandy Hooks, Majorie Stoneman Douglas’ and crimes against humanity shall continue to occur.

Author’s Note: I’m sick and fuckin’ tired of this shit ..

It Doesn’t Get Any Uglier

Dateline: Irvine, CA (12:15 pm PST) — Just saw this Tweet and it certainly doesn’t get any uglier than this .. not to mention that this allegedly happened in California ..

Source: @cjwerleman

.. encounters such as this particular one need to be publicized to illustrate the #TrumpEffect and the immoral and #deplorable behavior of those who feel ‘threatened’ by citizens who hold different religious views and worship. It is pathetic how such ingrained or inbred hatred could come oozing to the surface of civil discourse and in public ..

Trump: Make China Great Again

Dateline: Irvine, CA (10:15 am PST) —  Early this morning, Joe Scarborough told his production engineers to change the chyron to reflect what Donald Trump intends with regard to his tweet regarding trade with China. It’s not a question as to why, but more like a #WTF .. Whatever the reason it does appear that #covFeFe is doing everything to undermine not only America’s national security, economy and standing .. and for merely vanity, personal greed and ratings .. which on its face (where Trump has lost all semblance of “face”) is downright #maga insane ..

Source: Huffington Post

Trump-Pence & USPS

Dateline: Cupertino, CA (9:45 am PST) — This latest entry by Stephen Colbert raises a valid point as to why they don’t want images, or posters of Trump and Pence at the offices ..

Interesting imitation of Eric Trump tho’