Remember (2015)

Some time back this film was a recommend to watch by a friend whose father had passed away. For years the DVD Remember it sat unseen on a shelf until was asked if I'd seen it. It is a dark and solemnly tale of a man in search of those who had murdered his family... Continue Reading →

1917 (2019)

Finally got around to watching this film written by Sam Mendes, which was "inspired by Operation Alberich, a German withdrawal to new positions on the shorter and more easily defended Hindenburg Line that took place between 9 February and 20 March 1917." Without getting too much "into the weeds" over this piece of cinematography it... Continue Reading →

Rules of Engagement (2000)

Finally got around to watching the movie Rules of Engagement on this Christmas & New Year's down time and binge watching 'bucket list' flicks, as there is little to no time for recreation of late. Really not knowing the cast other that it starred Samuel L. Jackson and Tommy Lee Jones (a couple of favorite... Continue Reading →

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