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Sign Of The Times

Dateline: Castlewood/Pleasanton, CA June 10, 2016  9:30pm (PDT) Must really be an election year 🙂 While watching athletic NBA history & the 4th game of the NBA Finals between my Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers tonight on KGO channel 7 one of the commentators said, “…someone has run on to the court … of …

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Much Already Has Been Said …

But all can that can be said now is, good bye, G.O.A.T. & as-salamu alaykum, Muhammad.

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Remembering Ali

Dateline: Sacramento, CA June 3, 2016  9:40pm (PDT) While dining and receiving the the pop-up notification, the immediate memory of this song brought a tear …He certainly will be missed; The “Black Superman.” Muhammad Ali Dies Surrounded by Family at Phoenix Hospital: Reports https://t.co/s7QMSXjfHA via @ktla • RIP — Jor-El's Eclecticism (@JoR3LofKrypton) June 4, 2016 …

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