6/9/2015 – Trolling Tweet of the Day

Abstract: Just Tweet'd my $0.02 worth of opinion ... @Mediaite ☆ Yet, an "indictment" by Fox News/media & 'court of public opinion,' does make it "political?" #TrumpUniversity #rahrahrah #maga — Jor-El's Eclecticism (@JoR3LofKrypton) June 9, 2016  Then in a rectal-cranial inversion, comes (bible-thumper?) "Nancy"... @hale4jesus @Mediaite The @realDonaldTrump made #TrumpUniversity "political" by opening his fat... Continue Reading →

Demagoguery Defined

Dateline: UC Irvine, CA June 8, 2016  6:30pm (PDT) So I post this tweet, in the amusement and political opinion & banter over Republican Senator Kirk's un-endorsement of The_Donald, as it was just the 2nd of dozens, if not many more to come: @thehill ☆ Quack, quack, to take-backs? #maga #donthedodgingcon #MakeDonaldDrumpfAgain #TrumpUniversity #trumptrain pic.twitter.com/q3BEYYGeDH... Continue Reading →

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