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On The Eve Of Impeachment

Dateline: December 10, 2019 – 0917 (GMT) U.S. Congress Judiciary committee investigating Donald Trump turned into a facts vs. filibuster, by Republicans who wanted to turn the hearing into a Trump shit-show and circus. The most notable, if not repugant exhibition of non-decorum was by the Judiciary Committee minority leader Rep. Doug Collins who in …

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Articles of Trump’s Impeachment

Dateline: Monday, December 9, 2019 In a matter of hours the U.S. Congress Judiciary committee investigating Donald Trump in proceedings pursuant to his impeachment will commence. Much has been discussed, debated and argued over what the Articles of Impeachment will contain. Chairman Jerry Nadler declared over the weekend that “if” this were a civil criminal …

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Trump Whitehouse Doesn’t Want To Play

Attachment 1 by blc88 on Scribd Dateline: December 2, 2019 – 1101 (GMT) It’s now official; Donald J. Trump is beyond demurring over sending attorneys or even himself to the House Judiciary committee’s hearings and subsequent vote on his articles of impeachment. It is this effort by Trump to avoid or even derail the investigation(s) …

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Thanks, Rudy

On this the eve of thanks thoughts leap to mind of those ‘Thanksgiving’ of the past .. to now look to the present & how far and low some have become .. Rudy Giuliani for all his alleged and on going investigated crimes is that which all real-Americans can be thankful for: as a crime …

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The Cult of Trump Need To Ask..

Why do they think Donald J. Trump is hell bent on getting re-elected, when the investigations and the past congressional impeachment hearings have brought forth evidence of crimes he has committed .. Why do they think Trump cannot bring himself to admit when he is wrong, or incorrect and pathologically lies incessantly .. Why in …

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