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nOW On tUMblR


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It Is “Fathomable”

.. that Donald Trump would go off the “deep end” in propagating yet another “Clinton, Clinton, Clinton!” conspiracy theory and defecating utter nonsense WHILE ON VACATION?! .. .. on the contrary .. it is “fathomable” …. #maga @realDonaldTrump is maniacally obsessed with the death of his #TerrificGuy & accused child sex trafficker & pedophile #JeffreyEpstein …

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Trump Is Satan Incarnate

.. The Cult of Trump suggests this .. .. he was a “pro-Satan” advocate too .. the contagion that #maga @realDonaldTrump has defecated in his hate raged filled rallies cannot be denied .. especially when it comes to the Gilroy and El Paso mass murders committed by pro-Trump white nationalists .. #TrumpIsSatan — Yor …

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Donald “The Draft Dodger” Drumpf On 9/11

.. just #maga @realDonaldTrump redefining the term “pathological liar” .. every time he opens his pie hole .. Trump tells 9/11 first responders: ‘I was down there also’ from politics   Trump was the first man in history to be in three places at once. On 9/11, Donald was downtown being a first responder WHILE …

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Seal of a Traitor

.. can't stop laughing about this #maga @realDonaldTrump f u c k up from the #Whitehouse — Yor ♥ Ayl (@JoR3LofKrypton) July 25, 2019

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