This is home 37°12’28.3″N 115°57’24.8″W
  • From San Francisco, California USA
  • Lives in Death Valley Junction, California 
  • Father, husband, son, brother, uncle, nephew, god-son, ex-boyfriend & Slave to Love
  • U.S. Military Veteran
  • Former U.S. Federal Employee
  • Former-member of Wikipedia USENET EarthLink DELPHI CompuServe
  • Member of the Sultans of Snark
  • Studied Brass Knuckle Construction at Intl. Brotherhood of Clock Cleaners
  • Co-chair of the Intl. Brotherhood of Clock Cleaners
  • First accessed Internet with a 300bps Courier.VEEM US Robotics
  • Operator/Programmer UNIVAC/UNISYS 1100/2200, Burroughs-Sperry/A12/A15 and Tandem/CycloneR
  • Pronounces name YOR AYL

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