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Salt (2010)

jolie salt Salt (2010)

Seeing this numerous times in the discount DVD/BluRAY bin of retailers, got around to finally watching it OnDemand .. it was not a bad flick and the plot (as any other action film) was acceptable, if not almost prophetic in the times that are now had. The Russian intelligence myth, or even theory about some Manchurian Candidate breeding program was an interesting twist and coupled with the action scenes came with some surprise .. Evelyn Salt should have been dead after the first chase.

In all the action in this film was acceptable and in some instances struck as art imitating life. However, much can be left for the plot and the ending which came with not too much of a surprise, given the twists and turns of the characters and the roles performed.

“Who is Salt?” .. just some crazy chick with skills ..

If anything was redeeming or even nostalgic of this movie was probably the relationship between Salt and her husband Mike .. the unwitting arachnologist who she had fallen in love with and married. Perhaps this would make for a great Valentine’s Day movie to watch with a significant other?

Trump’s Coat of Arms Is Fake Too

While perusing an article regarding the practice of the Trump crime organization hiring illegal undocumented workers ..came across this image:

Looks like Trump, in all the fuckery he commits, believes he is an aristocrat.. but is nothing but a swindling THIEF ..

Right to bear arms? Trump accused of plagiarising family crest

The Moron

Dateline: 2/11/2019

.. Trump never fails to underscore, not only the moronic stupidity of his depraved existence but that of his disgusting excuse for an American and human being ..

Dateline: 2/10/2019

With five days remaining until another potential Federal government shut down, Trump in all stupidity continues to cry about “his wall.” Little does he know he is not going to get it; little does he know that by Friday the Republicans will have had enough..

..and may just abandon their moron.

Every American Must Watch The State of the Union Address

Why? Because it is history .. at no other time in American political history will a criminal, a traitor & a garden variety moron – installed by an adversarial foreign government – will address a nation on the brink of throwing his ass into prison ..

./ to be updated

Happy Groundhog’s Day ..Now Leave The Varmint Alone!

.. isn’t this ritual some form of animal cruelty? ..