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Trump Whitehouse Doesn’t Want To Play

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Dateline: December 2, 2019 – 1101 (GMT)

It’s now official; Donald J. Trump is beyond demurring over sending attorneys or even himself to the House Judiciary committee’s hearings and subsequent vote on his articles of impeachment.

It is this effort by Trump to avoid or even derail the investigation(s) into his “high crimes and misdemeanors” that is transparent to most if not all those who have been following these proceedings; it is obvious that Trump possesses a considerable amount of trepidation over his impeachment that he has gone tuck-tail and simply batshit crazy over it.

The committee hearing will proceed with, or without him and ultimately at his own peril.

/update pending

Thanks, Rudy


On this the eve of thanks thoughts leap to mind of those ‘Thanksgiving’ of the past .. to now look to the present & how far and low some have become ..

Rudy Giuliani for all his alleged and on going investigated crimes is that which all real-Americans can be thankful for: as a crime fighter (once upon a time) .. turned criminal .. and where the test of America’s law and order, including the U.S. Constitution will now be tested for its veracity, in terms of democracy and freedom and integrity .. Now on to the House Judiciary Committee’s investigations and hearings ..

The Cult of Trump Need To Ask..

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Why do they think Donald J. Trump is hell bent on getting re-elected, when the investigations and the past congressional impeachment hearings have brought forth evidence of crimes he has committed ..

Why do they think Trump cannot bring himself to admit when he is wrong, or incorrect and pathologically lies incessantly ..

Why in the whole grand scheme of things does it suggest he no longer wants to hold office ..

Why did he have to go the Walter Reed U.S. Army Medical Center without notice and instructions to the press not to report it ..

Why is it that more of those who have come into his circle of influence and control are now either in prison or being investigated for crimes?

guilty trump manafort flynn

There is no shame in un-supporting Trump .. just the stain, and SOMETIMES a scar, like the one from the conservative Tea Party Movement, of which was ushered into the Howling Political Wilderness™ after the election of former President Barack Hussein Obama, remains.

These questions are relatively easy to answer, however when delusion comes into play the answers can vary from crazy to batshit crazy ..

Ukraine Gate

Dateline: 11/22/2019
34.8934851 – 117.0249399

Now that the testimonies are over in #UkraineGate & #ImpeachTrump testimonies in Congress the process now moves on to the House Judiciary Committee in order to craft the Articles of Impeachment against Donald Trump.

All throughout and in the Twitter-sphere there were opinions .. even the opinion that Lt. Col. Vindman face a court-martial.  After the testimonies of Laura Cooper and David Hale a citation-tweet was tendered in response to this batshit insane allegation, come ‘conspiracy theory’ ..

.. then .. since the troll was performing in a circular pretzel logic cranial-rectal inverted argument counter-rebut for the DD-494 ..


.. of course could not provide then the troll went off, still in a rectal-cranial inversion made an appeal to #Q Anon .. which of course was not only pathetic, but capitulation to the point(s) raised against the batshit pro-Trump insanity and fuckery.

To this point and it’s Common Knowledge™ that it’s not over for #MAGA Donald J. Trump — it’s just beginning ..

Do Me A Favor

wordpress do me a favor

Dateline – 10/23/2019

On Monday, October 21st Nancy Pelosi and the Congressional investigation into Donald Trump’s crimes in the Ukraine scandal and impeachment inquiry took a new twist; they released a 4 page document outlining what may be contained in the Articles of Impeachment, upon vote, and of which will be sent to the Senate for further deliberations and vote to either convict, or exonerate.

the shakedown pelosiAs of this writ the current and former government officials are continuing to appear before Congress; via subpoena or voluntarily. In the meantime the Republicans in Congress and Trump’s supporters, both in public and on the ‘Internets’ continue to malign in an attempt to discredit the inquiry.

Watergate, President Clinton’s impeachment (for which he was not impeached) and Iran-Contra that saw many of President Reagan’s cabinet members and officals, including former-Lt. Col. Oliver North, go to prison.

This is a watershed and epic moment in American political history, and when it is all said and done, it will take a considerable amount of time to wash the stain that this criminal adminstration has and will leave.