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It Doesn’t Get Any More Deplorable

TRUMPANZEE masks copyvia VOX

One nurse said, ‘We’re trying to do the right thing, and we don’t need to get attacked.’ … ‘attacked’ by pro-Trump, anti-shelter in place, stay at home order crazies … It is this sort of depraved behavior, encouraged by Donald Trump that endangers the very lives of not only those who support him, but those who may come in contact with one of these idiots who have no clue what they could potentially be spreading. It will not stop . . . as long as Trump is in office.

It Begs To Question The Sanity

.. of it all .. did Donald Trump find one of Dr. Mengele’s journals in his experiments of the last century? WTF is wrong with Trump to even entertain in that depraved and deranged melon of his to EXPERIMENT in injecting HUMANS with chemicals and namely “disinfectants??!”  Trump is insane . . . this is  Common Knowledge™ DEMENTED DISINFECTANT

Proof: Trump Is Insane

Would have never believed it if told, but today the batshit insane Donald Trump suggests and considers injecting COVID-19 patients and victims, with get this: DISINFECTANT . . . yes, Lysol™, Clorox™, Purell™ or whatever brand he may prefer?? ..

trump is crazy disinfectant

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Clear And Present Danger

It is nothing short of “deplorable” and disgusting how Donald Trump has inspired the crazies to harass nurses and medical professionals in their counter-protest to maintain a sane approach to the pandemic . . . it is this sort of wanton so-called calls for “liberation” from States’ & governors’ orders and to remove to shelter-in-place & stay-at-home orders are looked upon as an infringement on some imagined “freedom” and the freedom to protest . . . it is nothing about THAT . . . it’s about saving lives. And their protest is nothing but a clear and present danger to those EVERYONE . . . like COVID-19, this utter and dangerous activity has to stop . . .

“No. Not at all. And we have it totally under control. It’s one person coming in from China, and we have it under control. It’s going to be just fine…” – Donald Trump, January 22, 2020 (note: he held 9 campaign rallies and went golfing 7 times before declaring that COVID-19 pandemic was a “national emergency” on March 13th of this year)



What It Will Come Down To . . .

Will be the batshit Trump supporting crazies vs. the sane . . .masked idiotsBATSHIT TRUMP MASKgunny you fuckin rep conserve good brain