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I’d Like To Punch Him In The Face!

NFL: New England Patriots Owner Indicted

Breaking news that there is a warrant for the Patriots owner Robert Kraft and stemming from a  “recent prostitution, human trafficking sting operation in Jupiter, Florida.”

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The funniest shit I’ve seen today!

patrit quarterback

Mueller Expected To Release Report

Reports are now coming forward and news breaking that Department of Justice special prosecutor investigating Russian infiltration and possible collusion by Donald Trump in the 2016 Presidential Election will be released soon. Coupled with this news is that Federal prosecutors are looking into Trump appointed U.S. Secretary of Labor Acosta is facing investigation into the known pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s “plea deal”.
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Judge Tells Roger Stone To STFU

jor3l_breaking news splash copyWithin the last hour Federal Judge Amy Berman Jackson has ORDERED Trump surrogate Roger Stone not to discuss the case against him online or in the press. This order was the result of Stone posting an image of the judge adjacent to the cross-hairs of a gun scope – whom it has been reported that he has blamed those “youth” on his staff?? What a fuckin’ moron.