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Does It …

? Really Add Up ?


Conduit Closing…


Seth Rich Conspiracy: Debunked

Dateline: Irvine, CA (3:00 pm PDT) — Just a reminder for those who even suggest the murder of Seth Rich’s murder in a trope.
Source: @thenation

Harbinger …

Dateline: Earth

The beginning of the end? End of the beginning of an epoch that will usher in a period that will define the fate of the human race?

Late Night After Charlottesville

Dateline: Granite Bay, CA (8:01 pm PDT)  — Finally caught this monologue by Late Night host Seth Myers recently and it was brutal. ‘Brutal’ in a sense that it not only made all the serious sense in the world regarding Donald J. Trump, but kick-em-in the nuts funny that only his writers could compose:

People who were not aware to begin with, are now now seeing just who Donald J. Trump is as he takes the country to a very dangerous and dark place.To this point former First Lady Michelle Obama put it best…