The Trial of the Orange Leader…

".. of the seditious radicalized right wing domestic terrorists" It's Common Knowledge™ 'n Natural Fact© #kag #maga #DonaldTrump sprays on an orange tan topical substance .. and what better coordinating color match fashion statement if and or when he is dressed in an 'orange' jump suit? .. Again, the 2nd impeachment of former federal employee... Continue Reading →

House Impeachment Mgrs Have Closed Their Case

Now it is Donald J. Drumpf's cracked (up) legal defense team, up to bat in defending the failed insurrectionist coup attempt in getting QAnon, Pout Boys, white supremacists, cosplay militia neo-Nazi, fascists and garden variety crazies in his Cult-of-Trump to overthrow a legal and certified election and victory for President R. Biden. The QAnon "shaman"... Continue Reading →

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