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Trump: Make China Great Again

Dateline: Irvine, CA (10:15 am PST) —  Early this morning, Joe Scarborough told his production engineers to change the chyron to reflect what Donald Trump intends with regard to his tweet regarding trade with China. It’s not a question as to why, but more like a #WTF .. Whatever the reason it does appear that #covFeFe is doing everything to undermine not only America’s national security, economy and standing .. and for merely vanity, personal greed and ratings .. which on its face (where Trump has lost all semblance of “face”) is downright #maga insane ..

Source: Huffington Post

Trump-Pence & USPS

Dateline: Cupertino, CA (9:45 am PST) — This latest entry by Stephen Colbert raises a valid point as to why they don’t want images, or posters of Trump and Pence at the offices ..

Interesting imitation of Eric Trump tho’

Who Invited Eva Braun?

Dateline: Cupertino, CA (8:22 am PST) — Ran across this from the old Grand Lake neighborhood; question begs who in the fvck invited Eva Braun to the picnic? ..

Of Lips & More Lips ‘n Kissin’

.. where opposite anti-bodies attract ..


What Are The Chances?