Well it finally has happened . . . Donald Trump's lyin' lawyer has been suspended from practicing law in the State of New York! For making "false and misleading statements" the facts and the truth is catching up to this former mayor of New York City, aka "America's Mayor" . . . who has 'fallen... Continue Reading →

Cancel Culture 101

Have read and seen on the Internets® and in the media this term 'cancel culture' bandied about and tossed around like a #MAGA slogan call-to-arms . . . What leaps to mind is just what 'culture' and whose 'culture?' . . . In what context is just being 'cancelled' and what are the serious ramifications... Continue Reading →

Trump Website Dump

It did not last a month . . a pet store website and a dating site BEAT Donald J. Trump's BLOG and so-called "desk" on the Internets® in hits and content visits . . . It's to laugh . . . Select Image SOURCE Almost a month after it was first announced, former President Donald Trump has... Continue Reading →

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