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Apollo 18

Not a bad sci-fi movie .. but not altogether that good either .. kinda like Blair Witch Project (1999) meets 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)

A simple plot .. man continues mission to the Moon and for reasons of course that are clandestinely predictable .. then all hell breaks loose.

Although the movie received 2-1/2 stars on IMDB; 5.2 of 10, 24% on Rotten Tomatoes it was somewhat entertaining for a first time viewer .. which some would go: “what in the fuck did I just see??”

Can Someone Say WTF Is Going On

.. with these eyeballs?

Trump’s Great Wall of Ch-eye-na

Trump's Great Wall of Ch-eye-na

So the ‘Cat is out of the Bag’ .. all this fuckery over Donald Trump’s “wall” was just a way to rhetorically extort tax payer dollars for a delusional fantasy of an edifice, is in essence, all a farce .. also perhaps “look here, not there” distraction in the face of the Mueller Trump-Russia special counsel investigation.

The Wall – walls are not permanent; this wall that Trump wants will not even built. What it could become (if ever built) would be a testimony to the ineffectiveness of the American electoral system, if not the breakdown of intelligence, and national security regarding the infiltration of a hostile foreign government into the 2016 general election – of which was/is a “National Emergency.”

National Emergency – this proclamation by Trump is all an emergency. It is in fact ploy; a scheme to subvert the use of this executive privilege for political gain and reason, which could boomerang for the Republicans once a Democrat ascends into the Executive branch of government. This will be challenged in the courts and it will be years before a ruling by the highest court (if it ever gets there) is made.

Bigger Problems – Trump has bigger problems that appeasing his brain-dead base of Trumpanzees and Trumpoglodytes, in his pipe-dream of ever being re-elected .. it’s the investigations and imprisionments, and convictions and indictments now flowing from the federal and state courts that everything that he has touch (of which pretty much turns to shit).

He needs to worry about finding an Russian oligarch’s jet to whisk him off to eastern Europe and the safety of political asylum and self-imposed exile. Leaving behind the “wall,” and again if ever built .. a tourist attraction, to a time when “America” was NOT “great.”

I didn’t need to do this ...” – Donald Trump, Whitehouse Rose Garden, 2/15/2019


Salt (2010)

jolie salt Salt (2010)

Seeing this numerous times in the discount DVD/BluRAY bin of retailers, got around to finally watching it OnDemand .. it was not a bad flick and the plot (as any other action film) was acceptable, if not almost prophetic in the times that are now had. The Russian intelligence myth, or even theory about some Manchurian Candidate breeding program was an interesting twist and coupled with the action scenes came with some surprise .. Evelyn Salt should have been dead after the first chase.

In all the action in this film was acceptable and in some instances struck as art imitating life. However, much can be left for the plot and the ending which came with not too much of a surprise, given the twists and turns of the characters and the roles performed.

“Who is Salt?” .. just some crazy chick with skills ..

If anything was redeeming or even nostalgic of this movie was probably the relationship between Salt and her husband Mike .. the unwitting arachnologist who she had fallen in love with and married. Perhaps this would make for a great Valentine’s Day movie to watch with a significant other?