Open Season: RNC Cleveland?

So The_Donald said, “If we win Indiana it is all over …”  But is it really?  As of this writing the polls are less than an hour left till closing.  And according to the pundits, analysts and wonks expect him to win, if not sweep the state; then mathematically clinching the Republican presidential nomination with 1237 delegate votes!  Though all this and all the speculation is left to be seen.

The campaign has gotten nasty in this political season, however if The_Donald does win by a large margin, or even sweeps the state it may be a foregone conclusion, at least with his supporters, that he will be the undisputed nominee.  Let’s presume for a moment that he does crush Ted Cruz in this open primary; what happens then?


Will feathers then fly; will The_Donald become (briefly) civil and ‘presidential-like?’ However being the Republican presidential nominee the fight presumably is not ‘over,’ per se, but one just beginning with one big fat target on him. And not only by his challenger, Hillary Clinton and the campaign might of the Democrat party; the mass and mainstream media, but perhaps even those within his own party as well.  Will he be able survive the fusillade and political and media BLITZ on his way to the convention in Ohio, and on the battlefield to the November election?  Will it get uglier?  So many questions, theories and presumptions …In the meantime, a presumable death-watch is now occurring with the Ted Cruz campaign.

●Update●  Dateline: 7:06 PM – Indianapolis, IN – Major media networks projecting via online/mobile broadcast “BREAKING NEWS” The_Donald as the winner of the Indiana open primary …

●Update●  Dateline: 7:18 PM (MSNBC) – The_Donald @ 54%; Cruz 34% and Kasich 9% with 14% of votes counted …

●Update●  Dateline: 7:20 PM (FoxNews)- The_Donald @ 54%; Cruz 34% and Kasich 9% with 15% of votes counted …

●Update●  Dateline: 7:25 PM (CBS Radio)- The_Donald @ 54%; Cruz 34% and Kasich 9% with 18% of votes counted; projecting sweep by The_Donald to win all 57-delgates …


●Update●  Dateline: 7:45 PM (MSNBC)- The_Donald @ 54%; Cruz 35% and Kasich 9% with 32% of votes counted; projecting sweep by The_Donald to win all 57-delgates …”It’s over …100% Donald Trump will be the Republican nominee,” Steven Schmidt, Republican Strategist.

“The writing is on the wall.” Now on to unifying the GOP/Republican party?

‘Nuff said.

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