It’s Getting Better All The Time

Dateline: UC Irvine, CA
June 15, 2016  11:00pm (PDT)

As the investigation into mass-murder at The Pulse night club in Orlando, Florida moves forward there is a feeling of solidarity taking hold. Just about everywhere flags are being flown at half staff; solicitation for donations from businesses and charities are gratefully accepting from a caring and concerned citizenry; news is filled with stories of those who perished and stories from survivors and families of the victims of their lives as well. It will take some time to heal and recover from this shocking attack upon America. Yes, America and of her honor, spirit and freedom. An America that shall not only live through this but shall survive, as in all the other tragedies of the past, she and her people’s resilience will once again come shining through.

OKCBut as the healing begins, but not before coagulation, and scabs begin to appear. Not only from the terrorist organization that has since claimed some imagined victory, but within the country itself. From delusional and hate filled citizens, to religious leaders and the everyday garden variety racists and bigots whose opinions of who, in their pigment of their warped imagination continue to demonstrate their sick affliction of hate.

Then there are the politicians, namely the GOP and the Republican party who when confronted with the totality of the State of the Union, they appear like they’ve been kicked in the knads. Equivocating and struggling to atone for their past opinions, concealed antipathy and or feelings about the LGBTQ community and of a religion as a whole, for which they are now under attack by the leader of their party.

As of this posting the Democrats have taken control over the floor of the Senate, and are now filibustering to push to a vote; an important vote in an attempt to end the psychotic madness by trying to pass sane gun laws –


– and of which does not, in the opinion of Constitutional scholars, necessarily water-down the 2nd Amendment. But as one legislator put it, and to paraphrase: ‘If you need an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle to hunt for sport, one might need to stick to video games.’ Yet, this is a very sensitive subject when it comes to the U.S. Constitution, and there are no fast and easy solutions. Ironically, President Obama touched upon this just days before the massacre and explaining in a broadcasted town hall meeting what needed to be done to prevent the next Sandy Hook, San Bernardino, and the others which brings a considerable amount of deep remorse and emotional pain in being forced to recall. He cited the obstacles and offered possible solutions, but because of the lobbying bloc of the National Rifle Association, gun manufacturers and Republicans in office, serious re-consideration of them comes far too late, for the 49 who were brutally murdered in a hail of bullets in Orlando. And in this comes the narcissistic stupidity of The_Donald to parrot Obama’s suggestions, as though as it where his own, today.

OKCYesterday, The_Donald and in a fleeting moment of irrational if not insane behavior and in innuendo accused President Obama of having some part, or responsibility in the massacre. What immediately leaps to mind was when towards the end of the Republican primaries, he in the same repugnant specious manner accused Republican presidential candidate, Sen. Ted Cruz’s father of being complicit in the assassination of the late-President John F. Kennedy 53-years ago in Dallas, Texas. Now this latest psychotic episode, of The_Donald in accusing Obama sent waves of revulsion and opposition at him … yet again. Even from his own party, who is still smarting from the last barrage of his down right craziness, had no choice but to feebly once again openly criticize him. More than likely to save their own skins and those in the up coming down-ballot in November. Being the #TSRB (thin-skin racist, [b]ully, [b]onehead, [b]ozo, you name it) that he is, and in ‘counter-punch,’ he then went on to declare that he didn’t need ’em (ie. GOP/Republican party) – As he’s lookin’ like he’s pushing the #maga self-destruct-mode envelope & his own campaign nuclear launch keys & codes upon himself, as his turd filled diapered batsh!t lunacy continues to mount?

Polls are beginning to show something of a downward trend, and are now taking a toll on The_Donald:


As he is now, according to one poll having slipped into double-digits behind Secretary Hillary Clinton, and where his campaign brand is beginning to look like his fraudulent commercials for Trump University of several years ago, but this time from a presidential campaign lectern. Yet in light of all this with a scar to remind, things however slight as they are in this unusual presidential campaign season, coupled with horrific tragedy, there is something to at least appreciate in hope that things will get better soon. And the sooner the better as criticism, satire and ridicule offers just a l’il  tad bit of comfort.

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