Republican Wall of Shame


Dateline: San Jose, CA (8:35 pm PST) — Here they are and an image that should, or even must be “tattooed” on every billboard, campaign ad, flyer, television commercial as to who would want to vote to strip millions of Americans from their health care. With special thanks to the The Daily Kos and their posting: “We set out to deliver pain to Republicans voting to kill thousands, a day later, we hit $1 million …” for the graphic.

The abstract in all this is that the Republicans, after failing to get it to a vote on the bill two weeks prior, failed.  After a week, and prior to The_Donald’s “100-days” in office they were able to closed-door negotiate something with the Freedom Caucus (aka Tea Party) in achieving a 2-vote razor thin passage.

Yet there were two notable events that occurred after the bill received the required number of votes —

1) the Democrats broke into singing the 60’s pop band Steam: Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye in taunt that the Republicans wrote their own tickets out of the majority in the House of Representatives.

2) after the vote, the Republicans all piled into waiting buses (along with waiting protesters) to go to the Rose Garden of the Whitehouse to celebrate their victory.  And as observed celebrating a win, but a hollow one and akin to spiking the football on their own 2-yard line with 14:55 left in the 1st quarter (of four quarters) in an NFL football game

It is shameful of these Republican legislators, who by-in-large did not read the bill, H.R. 1628 – American Health Care Act of 2017 in it’s latest iteration, nor did they amend to it any Congressional Budget Office score to it in justifying their vote.  Yet, if there is any legislative justice it will be their votes that just may find them packing, and out of the House of Representatives; giving back to the Democrats a majority.

Nevertheless much has already been said on both sides, and obviously The_Donald, his Trumpettes & Trumpsters and perhaps some of those representatives, who are members of this Wall of Shame, cannot wrap their heads around the fact that, it’s just a …

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