Constitutional Crisis


Dateline: Irvine, CA (8:25 pm PST) —  In the tumultuous past six hours, or so much has occurred over the firing of FBI director James Comey by The_Donald.  The overall feeling appears to span from shock to disbelief by many, regardless of partisanship or favor.  On one side there is the demand for an independent commission, or investigation on the other impugning and attacking Comey for failure to imprison former ambassador and Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Legal wonks and constitutional scholars appear to possess a consensus that this announcement is comparable to Watergate / Saturday Night Massacre, and former president Richard M. Nixon who resigned from the presidency to avoid impeachment. Others have declared that this firing puts the United States in a ‘constitutional crisis,’ and of a severity that requires an investigation by a non-partisan and independent counsel.

It is questionable if The_Donald, or any of his own counsel at the Whitehouse could have imagined, or even predicted that this sort of backlash would happen.  As this action has even shocked members of his own party, namely Sen. Burton to call into further investigative hearings director, or former director Comey.   It also begs to ponder if this particular and peculiar President is even aware of the severity of his decision, in getting Americans to believe that there is indeed some sort of a cover up.

For all intents and purposes this presumed routine firing of a high ranking government official is nothing special in the course of a new administration, however it is the behavior of The_Donald that would lead any, many or even the half-sane to believe that the investigation into the Russian hacking of the last election has merit. And to see if the Republicans put country before partisanship, in the context of treason and an attack on this very democracy.


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