Mueller & Sessions


Dateline: San Francisco, CA (9:00 am PST) — It’s getting really close in the investigation of The_Donald regarding the meddling and influence of Russian intelligence services in the past 2016 presidential elections.  Aside from the stupid remarks, statements by him and his surrogates The_Donald may feel the walls ‘closing in’ all around him in all this.  The “leaking” of how he is debating to fire Justice Dept., special prosecutor Robert Mueller is an indication of this, and today current Attorney General Jeff Sessions goes before the Senate Intelligence Committee for a closed door hearing and testimony regarding his contacts with the Russian(s) who are now the focus of these investigations into the meddling.

Just who were responsible for the go-ahead of & for the infiltration and during the election is one of the next questions for the investigators.  This attack, which for all intents and purposes heavily involved and relied on click farms.  These sophisticated electronic apparatuses are not only deployed by the Russians but the Chinese as well.  It is a method by which, and in using social media (among other means), to not only influence end-users regardless of partisanship but to generate a momentum of sorts – in this case a democratic process.  However, now that it is known in-part how the 2016 election was compromised this ‘bread crumb’ alone opens up a whole new view and door into the world of foreign intelligence and domestic Internet security.

The possibility of Mueller being fired by The_Donald, and coupled with Sessions contradicting any or all of former FBI director Jim Comey’s testimony regarding the loyalty kissing of the ring ceremony with him places this entire scandal in a flux. Nevertheless, whatever the outcome in each these highly charged events there is one thing certain, in that no clear evidence has been found .. At least not yet.
And if the former does occur the onus becomes that much more difficult for The_Donald to pour more alternative-facts into the cycle of an America coming to grips that like disgraced and resigned former-President Richard M. Nixon, that he is indeed a crook and at worst, a seditious traitor to the Republic.


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