Just How Many …?

Dateline: Irvine, CA (2:22 pm PDT) — Last night a flurry of posts from the #FakeNews networks filled the TwitterSphere and presumably Facebook that the U.S. Dept. of Justice ‘green lighted’ an informant in Obama-era Russian nuclear bribery cleared to testify before Congress. This news came with much speculation, if not suspicion, however the news of this sent pro-Trump supporters into a dervish of back-slapping and jubilant posts. And in the presumption that there is finally a smidgen of “real news” and a reprieve from the avalanche of developments coming out almost daily over the Trump’s alleged conspiracy & treason with the Russians.


However in looking more into this development and into special prosecutor Robert Mueller’s investigation, into the Trump-Russia matter, it appears that this just may be an issue, not so much for former-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, including former-President Barack Obama but that which may involve Trump’s former National Security Advisor, Gen. Michael Flynn. Additionally and per various credentialed & reputable news outlets the congressional committees investigating Trump-Russia have now since been dissolved as bi-partisan entities; each to conduct their own.

To this point it appears that the Mueller investigation will now be the mainstay of anything resulting from the meddling of the Russians in the last General Election in the way of indictments, convictions .. or even the removal of an infamous American President. Nevertheless, the news regarding the “gag ordered witness” pales in the face of what Trump now faces, and Keith Olbermann of the #Resistance puts it best:

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