Mueller Indictments: Who Is Next?

Dateline: Irvine, CA (5:00 pm PDT) — With so many suspects, the question begs: who will Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller indict next? Today AG Sessions blew up his declaration (alibi?) of ‘not having any contact with any Russians.’ But what has been missing in all this is: where is Donald J. Trump’s former NSA Michael Flynn?


According to the Daily Beast information is surfacing that he, “Followed Russian Troll Accounts, Pushed Their Messages in Days Before Election.” Yet, and for the most part off the radar of the media and even the #FakeMedia such as the Fox News Network.

However, where ever he is and why he has gone to this point un-mentioned in the hurricane of events over the Trump-Russia investigation, it is certain that at some point that this just may be a bigger bombshell than Manafort & Gates indictments, as well as the George Papadopoulos guilty plea – where it is theorized by many investigative professionals in law enforcement are certain that he had been wearing a wire since last summer and up until his indictment.

Whoever is next, it just may not be Flynn but another “low-level” Trump collaborator and leading to the subpoena of #TrumpTaxes given the Tax Reform legislation gets into gear and with Mueller approaching this all like an “Untouchable” ‘Eliot Ness’… stay tuned.

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