Festering Disease

Dateline: Irvine, CA (9:00 am PDT){Update} Even here in the Southland™ the rotting smell of an long lasting open wound is prevalent, and it is not on the beach nor the gutters of the Inland Empire but here & there. Although it is surreptitiously contained in sectors and crevices that aren’t seen, nor heard it is here and everywhere …


Salon has a narrative that serves as a reminder that racism will continue to grip America and the groups that promote such hate will continue morph in an effort to inject itself into the mainstream & that of “political correctness.”

As Trump continues to lose support from conservatives, Republicans and the like groups like the alt-Right will continue to lie, cheat and even steal over the narrative of what is “right” in America and that of which is wrong. It is this sort of malady that has been with the nation for generations and decades. From the Civil Rights movement of the 50’s & 60’s to Charleston to the continued effort by zealots like Milo Yiannopoulos, Mike Cernovich and the like they were there, using all means possible and with the regalia of what the world witness in a 1930’s Germany.

It is interesting that the alt-Right has to this point been reduced to seeking pity, yet what is notable is that for every time these groups ooze to the surface like a festering sore it is countered by a firm and strong opposition that overwhelms them; physically, mentally and in spirit.

However, today there is as former-President Barack Obama coined, “hope.” Not so much a hope for a cure to the disease akin to cancer, but the hope that the repudiation and the fight against such an on going festering mold will be contained, and eventually entered into the annals of American history as a chapter when America lost its mind, body-politic and soul .. temporarily.

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