Primer: Troll Bot


Dateline: Irvine, CA (11212017 7:43 am PDT) UPDATE: What this neo-Nazi alt-Right troglodyte of a troll & bot text-gen doesn’t understand that this correspondent doesn’t give two-fucks what hits the wire. In fact, it appears the the semi-permanence of this blog entry/entries and subsequent social media threads have the concept bouncing like ping-pong balls in its skull .. it’s amusing ..


Dateline: Irvine, CA (11202017 7:43 pm PDT) UPDATE:  Just had to fix that meme …


At any rate this alt-Right neo-Nazi degenerate then blathers about some #FakeNews article from a fake news online outlet (StormFront?) out of Brea, California with some unmitigated bullshit about Sen. John McCain being “caught?”  Apparently the “bots” are ramping up in anticipation of more indictments from special prosecutor Mueller, and the desperation in the ether is obvious.


Dateline: Irvine, CA (11202017 2:22 pm PDT) UPDATE: With the holiday soon approaching it feels something; something is not right. Special prosecutor Robert Miller in the #TrumpRussia investigation has been quiet for too long. And it knows that something just might happen in the next 48-72 hours. It then employs the troll method of questioning age as it feels that it’s own geriatric, yet insane personification hold sway and is superior – it’s to laugh at..



Just to underscore the severe and tragic nature of its deranged mental capacity it is concerned about its “reputation” on social media and at the same time continuing to exhibit the psychological projection of a DSM-IV (bi-polar) using pedophila as an emotional crutch of sort ..pathetic, but again, its to laugh ..

Dateline: Irvine, CA (11202017 5:48 am PDT) UPDATE: Here it hash tags a neo-Nazi, alt-Right reference – kinda knew it all along. Degenerates like these have long since known to support and associate with Donald Trump ..



And of course this is where the proverbial “rubber meets the road,” when yammers about some presumption that it is versed in political science in parading its ignorance of ideologies. However, what is telling is that it is economically challenged and employing the moronic if not insane scapegoat defense for their financial, or even intellectual short comings. It is certainly a sad testament to a warped individual whose standing in life is marred by racist bigotry and one whose one domicile resembles a garbage filled dumpster in some god forsaken trailer park…

Dateline: SOMA SF, CA (11192017 7:48 am PDT) UPDATE:  It really & seriously needs to do something about its pest & microbe infestation .. or is it a mental, or some psychological disorder ?  Given its delusional (if not narcotic induced) frame of reference, can it be deduced that the recent & almost daily events regarding the #TrumpRussia investigations are taking a catastrophic & emotional toll on this troll? Given that it has been reduced to brevity in its retorts?   Perhaps, maybe likely? …


Dateline: Santa Clara, CA (11182017 5:45 am PDT) UPDATE: In the first part of the hissy-fit the delusional “spread vicious lies” is a telling example of how downright nutty this particular warped Tweeter is; mere mention of the ‘season’ leads one to feel that there is more to the insanity that it is in the grip of. Not to mention the pious bible slapping inference in the vein of a disgraced and cretinous disgraced and “deplorable” teenage girl troller in shopping malls, and presumed pedophile #RoyMoore for whom the Tweeter presumably supports, along with #CovFeFe. Altogether it’s a interesting and amusing munged thoughts (and words) that follows no reason, nor rhyme in whatever point it is insanely trying to make.

However, to bring it in context, this particular thread (among many prior) began here, with this tweet from @nowthisnews:

In moving forward a profile may emerge which may just be entertaining, if not despicably & altogether repugnant… [update & nbsp; &]

Dateline: Santa Clara, CA (8:45 pm PDT) — For well over a month and being trolled by a pro-Russia, pro-Trump troll & bot bought & paid for in Russian rubles, to troll Twitter, it appears that its syntax is wavering. It mixes nonsensical plugs, with mentally deranged diction of an emotionally disturbed carbon unit, coupled with prepared cut-paste (robo-call like) scripts in text provided by an algorithm, that appears to flux with troll farms out of Eastern Europe, Africa & Asia:


Notice the sloping forehead; the missing teeth, the abrasions and the limp from getting its ass kicked from parents who it asked permission to date their pre-teen and teen-aged daughters in the United States of America; the total incoherence from illicit drug use, and or possibly in an alcohol induced stupor.

It is however the sad and pathetic testament as well as state of one who appears to be losing it (if not going into a full-duplex rectal-cranial inversion) completely over the fact that #maga @realDonaldTrump whom it worships is coming to some heady times in special prosecutor Robert #Mueller ‘s #TrumpRussia investigations.

Albeit a blog entry to chronicle its insanity, and for strictly amusement’s sake.

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