Do Something!


Dateline: Irvine, CA (8:05 PDT) — So things are shaking up in ‘sunny California!’ The day after pornographic star Stormy Daniels filed suit against Donald Trump in So. California, he in turn sends his Keebler elf, Jeff Sessions out to the capital of the State to sue over the ‘Sanctuary Cities’ of the state – separate but equal in “doing something?” .. The timing is just way too convenient ..

With the cluster fock over ‘tariffs,’ (coupled with the threat of IRAs and 401Ks tanking)  the Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller’s investigation into Trump’s collusion, conspiracy and cover up with Russia and Putin, CovFeFe certainly has to do something. Chaos. Yeah, yeah that’s the ticket for a Trump Train ..goin’ off the rails ..

All aboard!

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