Coffee Anyone?

1280 Low Energy Trump

Dateline: Cote d’Azur – .FR‎ (10:52 pm LOCAL) — In observation of Donald Trump’s recent presser with the mentally challenged and obviously delusional Kanye West the demeanor of #CovFeFe appeared .. how to say? .. Lethargic .. possibly fatigue from the many circle jerk self aggrandizing rallies, of which are obviously in a futile effort to stave off the imminent #BlueWave that may sweep the Republicans out of the House of Representatives, and possibly the Senate — thus protection from the endless and possible indictments (of his crime syndicate & family), prosecution and even the pipe dream of impeachment.

Yet, are we seeing a criminal becoming resigned to a fate far worst than the most famous disgraced Republican and conservative Richard M. Nixon? Is a jet on standby to fly him off to political asylum, and refuge in eastern Europe?  We will see how much of a draft dodging coward he is ..

The questions are innumerable as to what will happen next but perhaps Trump may need a neat & nice shot or two of espresso before he opens his uncontrollable yap in public ..

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