Meet Mary #MAGA Butina ..

.. the darling of the #Republican party and the #NRA .. this Russian operative is in deep shit. So deep it has Donald Trump and his criminal empire worried as to what she is saying to Federal investigators & investigation as she has now “flipped” to presumably tell all of her involvement, and possible collusion during and after the 2016 General Election, and where Russia and Vladimir Putin and Russian intelligence successfully infiltrated the U.S. gov’t and installed a kompromat, in the way of Donald Trump, into Federal employment and public service.

At this point, it has been said that she may be deported back to Russia after conviction .. but of course to her own peril now that she is “spilling the beans” and of which is to the chagrin of the Russian intel apparatus who may just want to spike her food, or drink .. /details forth-coming ..

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