Pinch Me Meat

Only Oliver and his writers can put Trump’s impeachment in it’s proper context..

Now while impeachment would be a foregone conclusion if it weren’t for those obstructionist Republicans in the Senate, the mere thought of it is enough to set Trump’s fake heavily aerosol ‘d hair on fire.

Yet there are some misconceptions about just what impeachment is. Some tend to believe it is a judicial ruling; some think it’s the color of Trump’s face (like an near-orange ‘peach’) when he hears the word; yet, in Britain it’s “a charge of treason or another crime against the state” .. in the U.S. it’s “a charge of misconduct made against the holder of a public office,” and where there is mounting evidence of a whole lot of that ..

crazy shit mcgahn.png

It’s just a matter of time if and or when Trump’s former-Whitehouse counsel, Don McGahn testifies before the House committee investigating his obstruction. And to answer for what specifically “crazy shit” Trump had him do .. perhaps committing “obstruction of justice?”

Now while Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is not warm to impeachment as of yet, it is interesting to note that from a pragmatic stand point, and at this time it might not be the best way to have Trump answer for all that he’s done to not only weaken the nation but to make a joke and a mockery of the Executive branch of government. Rather, it has become a waiting-game to see if Trump actually goes out and “shoots someone on 5th Ave.” .. or himself for that matter.

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