What is TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome)?
Since Donald Trump was installed in U.S. Federal employment and as a “public servant” by an adversarial foreign government in the way of Russia, and its government military intel apparatus’ in the way of the FSB and SVR under approval/direction of Russian president Vladimir Putin .. has given way to “garden variety” kooks.

Where did it originate?
The term came out of online social media in the past 2-3 years. Mostly from far-right, right wing conservative pro-Trump entities bent of using the term as a perceived slight towards those who oppose Donald Trump. (ref. “Freedom Fries, Freedom Bread, Freedom Toast, etc. | Republican party c. 2003)

Is it a true term?
The term and hashtag #TDS is a psychological projection of sorts by those who are totally ignorant of the fact that there is no such term in mental heath, or in the fields of psychiatry and psychology .. it’s instead, for all intents and purposes a contrived term borne from those whose reflection is simply reprehensibly repugnant.


Among the questions for Mueller: Why wasn’t Donald Trump Jr. interviewed?

Answer:  It was common knowledge that Donald Trump, Jr. would invoke the 5th Amendment not to “incriminate himself” and or would be a “hostile witness”.. this was deferred by Mueller to subsequent investigations involving Donald Trump, Sr. and possible prosecution.

trump jr burger

Footnote: This is an example of “Trumpism” and “TDS”

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