Trump Tells Texas To Wage Civil War

Heard that right. Donald Trump has recruited Texas wack-job senator Ted Cruz to lead his crack-head legal team of an indicted Texas governor and a racist lawyer in the way of one kook, John Eastman, Esq. Who by the way earlier accused Vice-president elect Kamala Harris of not being an American, ineligible to be a VP candidate and should be stripped of her Senatorial title. Talk about batshit fuckery and kookery.

Basically, the long and short of this [sic] “lawsuit” is to challenge the rulings, in his other lawsuits of the other states; Georgia, Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania and to drag this “dead horse” of his into the United States Supreme Court for a ruling. Crazy, no? Basically telling or insinuating other states don’t have a fuckin’ clue what they are doing.

Albeit, what Trump is doing only exhibits that he feels, if not believes that he is near the “end of his rope” in trying to steal an election, free of fraud from President-elect, Joe Biden and Vice-President elect Kamala Harris. But that is what Trump believes he is only good at; stealing, swindling, grifting, lying, cheating and anything and everything immoral, unjust and moreover just criminal.

However, as serious as this matter may be Seth could not have explained this whole wacky matter in its proper perspective, including the threat of the Corona virus better.

UPDATE: Once again Donald Trump loses . . . and #BIGLY

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