Trump Proves He Is A Criminal

In listening to the recording provided by the Washington Post of the phone conversation, it is clear that Trump wanted, if not demanded that Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger (R-GA) to not only fabricate some idea that there was “massive voter fraud” in the Georgia vote in the past general election, but to fabricate and lie about votes that aren’t even his to accept or dispose of. This behavior is not only unacceptable, but it is criminal just by the suggestion of trying to overturn or even steal — votes.

It is by this CORRUPT act alone and the publication of it, in a recording is something that is as reprehensibly foul as it is disgusting. Trump for the most part has gone full-criminal in a clear desperate attempt to hold on to his Federal employment, and of which that cannot be said enough, to avoid prosecution, especially from U.S. SDNY once the Dept. of Justice prosecution rule of exclusion of the Executive is stripped from him.

There is a telling moment in this phone conversation where it demonstrates Trump’s abnormal frame of mind – in discussion over how the facts in the media are presented and broadcasted this short exchange is telling:

Raffensperger: “The problem with social media is that people can say any …”

Trump: “No. No. This is not social media, it’s Trump media …”

There is no doubt that Trump has gone into the darkest corner of depraved criminal behavior that for which he shall face a reckoning. Nor is there any question as to his motives and demands, especially at this juncture as the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden and Vice-president elect Kamala Harris nears. For it is now at a tipping-point as to what he will do next, even as his complicit Republicans in the senate are ready and prepared to protest the certification of the Electoral College votes which all 50 states have since counted and certified; Biden to be the 46th #POTUS – President of the United States of America.

It’s imperative, especially historians and those in the study of the U.S. Constitution & the law, must listen to and digest this recording in order to hopefully prevent such an atrocity from ever again occurring in this democracy .. a democracy that Trump has not only tried to ruin, but to bastardized and currently seeking to destroy on his way out of federal employment; into a life as a private citizen of prosecutorial misery and hell which he feels and knows awaits him.

Thank you, former U.S. Attorney General, Holder ..

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