Trump’s Day of Infamy & Terror

Words alone cannot express the horror that unfolded yesterday in the hallowed halls of Congress. Words alone cannot fathom the anger of those who watched this nation’s capitol stormed, looted and vandalized, and that of the seat of this democracy and government. What terms can be expressed is “insurrection” and a “coup attempt.”

This act of domestic terrorism can squarely be attributed to Donald Trump who for all intents and purposes dog-whistled to not only his most fervent supporters, but the craziest of the crazies who thought by storming and attacking Congress that they could change the outcome of the 2020 general election. And by some insane means ‘flip’ the vote, or steal the votes; or even shred the legal votes of the American voter and rendering Trump a second term in Federal employment.

Prior to this and weeks and days before Trump via Twitter and in rallies inspired and influenced his followers to go to Washington D.C. in protest of the election which he falsely deemed “fraudulent” and submitted dozens of lawsuits in protest of the votes that were counted, re-counted .. and re-counted again. The U.S. Supreme Court even tossed a lawsuit from Texas which it unanimously found baseless and “without merit” in the allegation and complaint that there was ‘wide spread fraud‘ involved. Not to mention in other states which alleged that the voting machines which were used were either moving votes to Biden, away from Trump, or Trump votes being discarded altogether – along with a slough of other allegations of which no evidence was found or could be provided.

The culmination of what has been happening over the past four to six years has come to this; on this day January 6th, 2021 when alleged members of Qanon, The Proud Boys, right-wing cosplay domestic terrorist militia organizations and groups descended on Washington, D.C. to criminally enter and terrorize Congress. Trump, for his part who suggested that the so-called protest would be “crazy” was in the Whitehouse, as it is alleged that he was secured in ‘the bunker’ of the People’s House for his own safety.

It is presumed that Trump had no idea what he had unleashed when he demanded of his supporters to protest. He had no idea of the potential of anger, hate and spite that they possessed in the wake of the Georgia run-off elections the day and night before when Jon Ossoff and Rafael Warnock were victorious in winning both Senate seats, thus giving the Democrats majority in the upper-chamber and with Vice President elect Kamala Harris the tie breaking seat & vote. Yet, the primary reason for this protest demonstration was over the imagined fraudulent votes which in the history of presidential campaigns was one catastrophic unmitigated colossal cluster-fuck of a defeat after one court after another, and from even Republican and Trump-appointed judges and officials was tossed.

There was no reason for the violence and the deaths that resulted from all this. But Trump, in his insanity and self-centered, mentally underdeveloped state of mind was presumably all too satisfied what he saw unfold .. until it became abundantly clear that he and only he was responsible for was a riot. Even Ivanka Trump, including Trump tried to intervene by tweeting a call for a stop to the violence, which she soon thereafter deleted when it was suggested that it was a supportive appeal to those committing the crimes against the government and democracy, and the law.

Yet, the riot and violence continued throughout the early part of the afternoon and into the ensuing hours and the arrival of the national guard, and additional elements of law enforcement. Only then was order returned and the removal of the domestic terrorists who were removed, if not escorted (?) from halls, room-by-room and offices of Congress.

What was left was carnage and destruction .. and death. The ‘blood’ of those fatalities are now and forever in the hands of Donald J. Trump and that in the aftermath of all this shall now forever be his ‘legacy’ as he will be REMOVED by the vote and into private life as just another civilian facing a number of investigations, prosecution and inevitable imprisonment.

.. As with all of the looters & terrorist who stormed Congress. Some of whom, from the intensive video surveillance apparatus in the building, along with facial recognition operating systems & networks have been identified and who shall be prosecuted.

The stupidity borne out of Donald J. Trump’s desperate attempt to remain in power has and will become a testament to his Federal employment and legacy, as well as destroying the Republican party for which has been decimated and F.U.B.A.R.- which any effort to regain any semblance of a viable American political party will be retarded by the lingering of those who will continue to support his cultist demagoguery.

— Jor

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