Listen Very Carefully

Why are we here in America, now? There was a moment .. back in the 1920s when the world saw a rise in anti-semitism, nationalistic xenophobia and fascism in Europe. Fast forward just over 100 years and again this disease has taken hold of the hearts & minds all over the world and especially in the United States of America.

It’s always been here, in this country of “freedom, liberty and justice for all.” Even as far back as the 20th century 20’s the festering scourge of some idea of fanatical “supremacy” lingered in the dark dank recesses in society, government and in religious institutions. And now, beginning in 2015 America saw a rise and a voice given to this abomination.

Even now this has entered the body politic of the U.S. Congress with insane personages such as Rep. Majorie Taylor Greene (R-GA/14) to name just one of dozens who are a “clear and present danger” to this democratic republic:

The Republican Party is awash in a sea of madness, both nationally and at the local level. The Republican minority in the Senate can’t say publicly that armed sedition is bad.

Greene was elected in a district that is demographically 84.38% White; 11.58% Hispanic; 9.54% Black; 1.05% Asian; 0.62% Native American .. meaning to say she handily won election, however her behavior is not only incendiary but reprehensibly immoral .. even to the point of espousing if not encouraging violence or death(s) of [sic] colleagues in Congress; not to mention being a garden variety batshit Donald Trump, MAGA kook.

Hope springs eternal that once again this malaise will be vanquished if not, in the least neutralized for the next generation of combat. However, in the meantime the prosecution of those who intend to usurp the country must continue. For accepting this is an abomination of the human spirit if not humanity as a whole.

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