House Impeachment Mgrs Have Closed Their Case

Now it is Donald J. Drumpf’s cracked (up) legal defense team, up to bat in defending the failed insurrectionist coup attempt in getting QAnon, Pout Boys, white supremacists, cosplay militia neo-Nazi, fascists and garden variety crazies in his Cult-of-Trump to overthrow a legal and certified election and victory for President R. Biden.

The QAnon “shaman” festooned in fur and buffalo horns claimed on #Jan6 that they owned “the day” … ‘they’ did not. They, and yet again Trump LOST and the certification in the constitutional duty of the Senate confirmed and certified the states electoral votes by the end of the day – President Joseph R. Biden, “won the day.”

Trump lost the 2020 general presidential election; Trump being the consummate LOSER failed at overthrowing the government and creating a dictatorship with no end .. nor mandate, nor reason. An illegal and criminal power grab at the expense of at least one policeman’s life as well as dozens and dozens of those injured and maimed; a U.S. Capitol defiled and defecated upon by Trump’s insurrectionist domestic terrorist supporters who yelled and screamed: “Fight for Trump!!!” .. Trump sent these domestic terrorist to the U.S. Capitol on #Jan6 to do just that.

The House impeachment managers have closed their arguments and what will now ensue will be a litany of “whataboutisms” from Trump’s legal team .. evading and dodging the evidence brought forth by the House prosecution – they will probably even try to lie about the “unconstitutionality” of the impeachment and without a shred of evidence or citation to the contrary. They will cajole the Senate jury with a slough of false equivalences that will only amount to a steaming pile of Trump turd that sagacious American citizens will determine that, for what it is.

Political wonks both in and out of government and even on the Internet’s have assured that “Trump will be acquitted.” The ‘faith’ in reaching to the morality of at least seventeen (17) #GQP #RepubliQan party supporters of his is almost little to nil. However, what is actually in a non-criminal but political trial here? Answer: the future of a democratic republic and DEMOCRACY with the weight of the U.S. Constitution’s willingness to do what is right .. and what is just.

I F Trump is acquitted it will be a hollow achievement because once when it is ‘all said and done’ there are other criminal matters Trump faces .. His acquittal and presumable ‘victory lap’ around this will be short-lived .. and the stain of his Federal employment will enter the history of American politics as one that was a criminal and utter failure; an exercise which “Enemies of the State” are now enjoying, and of which will be entered into the annals of U.S. political history ..

House of Representatives, Trump impeachment manager Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA/33) put it best:

“You know, I’m not afraid of Donald Trump running again in four years. I’m afraid he’s going to run again and lose. Because he can do this again …”

.. however, The Question Begs can one run for office from a Federal or State prison cell? Those #GQP #RepubliQan party Senators will have to answer that question to their constituents once they are primaried and up for re-election in 2024 and beyond .. and they too will be ‘infamously’ entered into U.S. political “history.”

👉 U.S. #SDNY & State Attorney General #Georgia

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