Asian & Women’s Lives Matter

It is certainly a sad and tragic testament of the times that we are living in now – from Black Lives Matter to now the lives of Asians in the country now targeted by those who fall into a category of hate and division … a narrative that was defecated out of the mouth of Donald J. Trump with his “Kung Flu” .. “China Virus” … China, China and more China .. the mass murder that occurred in Atlanta is just another disease .. a virus .. in the minds of those who hold sick and insane disposition to those they deem are not worthy of life and living..

The “shooter” Robert Aaron Long says that it was his “addiction to sex” .. no .. it was hate; against not only Asian women … but women in general. The narrative from the #kag #maga pro-Trump domestic terrorist crazies will hold true to the insanity that ‘there was nothing’ to this mass murder.. that it’s just some “liberal conspiracy” and or that it was just a ‘crazy kid’ with a gun who didn’t or couldn’t get ..laid.. in a massage parlor . . . so on and deranged, so forth.

Source: MSNBC

There presumably may be more of this . . . at some point the brakes will be applied and this insane disease will be sent back into the social and political Howling Wilderness™ where it belongs .. just like the Tea Party movement of 2009-10 led by Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann, Ron Paul, et al. .. or eradicated altogether . .


But not soon enough as this now has just come in:

Another day, another Trumper terrorist. When will the madness end? Read more here:

Source: Occupy Democrats
Source:KPIX 5 San Francisco

But some tragic events have a happy ending . . .

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