We’ll See You In Ukraine!

How the mighty mouth has fallen – Rudy Giuliani .. “America’s Mayor” who was given that moniker after the deadly terrorist attack on New York City which fell and destroyed the World Trade Center, would later become the representative of a domestic terrorist instigator and leader. And to think that it started with a plot to ingrain now President Joe Biden in a controversy and intrigue .. and feels like “just deserts” for a former politician and lawyer . .

“Parnas and Fruman also paid Giuliani a reported $500,000 for consulting work on a business venture, Fraud Guarantee, which was billed as a fraud protection service . . .”

Daily Beast: Feds Raid Rudy Giuliani’s NYC Apartment in Ukraine Probe
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If Rudy Giuliani and Donald Trump were right about anything it was the fact that President Joe Biden in the run up to the 2020 election was a “clear and present danger” to them both. For now the former prosecutor just may be himself facing prosecution. They played the wrong card in believing and gambling that their plot in Ukraine Gate would eliminate the threat that President Biden posed. And now the consequences are dire; frightening and at the same time perplexing to them both.

In the days to come there is no telling what the investigators and prosecutors will find and bring forth as evidence, however it is assured that perjury in the nth degree just may be the noose that hangs him and possibly Trump himself.

Yet, not all is lost in late night broadcast. Rudy is so perceptibly screwed that its difficult NOT to find humor in his peril.

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. . . now comes Andrew Giuliani and a “whataboutism’ with President Biden’s son, Hunter Biden in a nut job kook right-wing conspiracy that has long since been debunked . . .

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